Yarra Range Chicken

Yarra Range is a meat supplier based in Victoria, supplying fresh meat to supermarkets and restaurants within Victoria. In order to expand their consumer market, WeBoost developed a WeChat mini program for them, allowing individual customers to place orders online and have the products delivered to their doorsteps directly by the business, ensuring cold chain delivery.

As a typical e-commerce mini program, the overall structure does not have particularly innovative features. However, considering the usage habits of Chinese and English users, we made some minor adjustments to the font and layout, and used light green colour to highlight the brand differentiation.

Poultry Shop

Users can browse various meat products and their detailed information, including product name, price, weight, production date, shelf life, and other relevant information on the mini-program. Users can select products according to their needs and add them to the shopping cart, or use the search function to quickly find the desired products.

Group Buying

User can invite friends to join the group through the sharing link on the small program, increasing the probability of successful group buying. If the group buying is successful, all participants can receive corresponding discounts or rewards. If the group buying fails, participants can choose to refund or continue to wait for other members to join.

The group buying function can increase user interaction and participation, and also increase sales and user loyalty.


This mini-program also provides a coupon function, where users can browse various types of coupons and claim the ones they are interested in. Users can use the coupons during checkout to receive corresponding discounts.

Additionally, the small program also provides some promotional activities, such as discounts on minimum purchases, free gifts with purchase, etc., to provide users with more shopping discounts. The coupon function can help users save money, improve their shopping experience, and also promote sales and user loyalty for the business.

Adapt to the usage habits of local users

Industry-specific custom design

iOS/Android app store marketing

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