KUMA is Australia’s highest-quality cross-border shopping online mall, headquartered in Melbourne, with customers all over Australia. KUMA is committed to providing the highest quality and best price products for friends living in Australia, so that you can easily enjoy exquisite life without leaving home. All products are directly mailed by a dedicated person from Japan, and the professional product selection team carefully selects for you. There are thousands of well-known Japanese and Korean brands, and super popular products are on sale in stock.

The overall design style of the KUMA e-commerce APP adopts a fashionable, playful and visually impactful style, which is especially suitable for young users, especially female users. At the same time, KUMA is easier to use and navigate in the overall layout, providing a fun and engaging user experience, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience for young consumers.

Multi-dimensional product display

When designing product displays, KUMA conveys accurate product information to customers through exquisite page layout design and operation means, so that users can quickly search for products, understand products, generate interest and finally convert them into consumption decisions. The main functions of product display are: product search, product classification, product classification, product details and promotional activities, etc.

Flexible operation and payment

In the process of using KUMA, it provides a variety of promotional plans for the majority of users, including red envelopes for newcomers, full discounts, discounts, limited-time purchases, special offers, free shipping, etc., attracting a large number of users to pay attention to KUMA’s marketing information from time to time, ensuring that user activity. At the same time, KUMA fully considers the payment habits of young users and Chinese users in terms of payment methods, and supports WeChat, Alipay, credit cards and other payment methods.

Convenient customer service support

KUMA integrates a third-party customer service system, uses a powerful third-party online customer service system, and adopts a combination of manual customer service and robot customer service to ensure a 24-hour second-level response; at the same time, it supports customer service diversion to relieve customer service pressure; and all customer conversations and The chat records will be saved in real time to provide data support and guarantee for subsequent improvement of the service process.

Adapt to the usage habits of local users

Industry-specific custom design

iOS/Android app store marketing

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