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Social media and its advanced feature to target specific demographics allow paid advertising to be one of the most cost-effective marketing to cover the wide geographical area of Australia.

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The Channel with the Highest Digital Exposure in Australia


of Australians using Social Media in Their Daily Life

Wide social media coverage in Australia helps improve campaign effectiveness.


of Australians Use Social Media to Find New Brands

Social media has become a key channel for consumers to discover new products and brands to purchase.


Of consumers will buy from a brand They follow

Branding on social media is unavoidable for modern businesses and should be a part of marketing.

The Lowest Cost Per Impression On Digital Platforms

Another benefit of the wide coverage of social media is the cost of impression. The huge number of users help to lower the cost in advertising and promotion for businesses. So, businesses can reach more audience with the same budget.

Reach 100 Users at only AUD$0.25

The cost to reach 100 users on social media can be as low as $0.25 to maximise the reach of each dollar of budget spent.

Highly Defined Audience

Businesses can use social media to reach a niche audience to ensure the ads are viewed by those who will be interested in their offerings.


Supports All Marketing Campaigns

Social media advertisements are highly versatile that can fit any marketing campaigns. Some of the goals include brand awareness, lead generation, and product sales. This allow businesses to include social media for all campaigns.

Google display Ads

Flexible Ad Types

Multiple forms of ads allow businesses to include social media advertising in all campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

Trackable conversion helps to understand where the most valuable customers are from.

Quantitative Reporting

The performance from social media is reported in numbers that allow the use of data analytics and objective performance reviews. The data also helps to understand strengths and weakness of the campaign for improvement opportunities.

Accurate Return of Investment

Data reporting helps businesses to accurately calculate the return from the budget spent on each campaign.

Real-Time Performance Report

Performance from social media is reported in real-time for instant review and make immediate changes.



Each social media has its platform where you can access its ads. But you can also find professional agencies like WeBOOST to help.

Social media is a key channel for consumers to discover new brands and products. Businesses should not miss this opportunity.

Social media is a key channel for consumers to discover new brands and products. Businesses should not miss this opportunity.

While social media ads is a great starting point, digital marketing should also cover SEO, Google Ads and more to maximize online reach of a business.

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