Social Media Advertising

Reach over 70% of Australians

Social media and its advanced feature to target specific demographics allows paid advertising
to be one of the most cost-effective marketing.
Australia is one of the countries with highest social media population coverage for businesses to reach more Australians.

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Why choose social advertising

Native placement

Using Instagram, Facebook or WeChat advertising means you can embed your ad amongst trusted user and influencer content.

Cost effective

The average cost per user reached with social advertising has proven to be far cheaper than traditional TV and press advertising.

End-to-end tracking

You might want to track video views, link clicks or even purchases on site. Social marketing allows you to track most user actions, so you can record the metrics that really matter to your business.

Flexible ad types

Advertising on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and WeChat gives you a huge selection of ad types, including chatbots, videos, stories and banners. You can really get creative with the varied suite of social ad types.

why choose us?

Experienced Team

At WeBoost we boast an incredibly experienced team of professionals skilled in digital marketing, design and development. We will know exactly what to do with your social advertising campaign.

Affordable Pricing

We have no hidden fees or extra costs, and we will include free reports and consultancy.

No lock-in contract

While we encourage our clients to stick with us to see long-term positive results, we won’t lock you into a contract. We want you to use us because we do great work, not because of a contractual obligation.

Ongoing Feedback and Support

We will analyse your campaigns and feedback optimisations, user habits, results and other essential information for developing a strong social advertising campaign.

Our Process


Understanding your business

Learning what makes your business tick is essential to developing a fail proof social marketing campaign. We want to tailor our offering to your business objectives.


Auditing existing activity

We will analyse and audit any existing marketing activity to better understand your advertising strategy.


evelop and implement our marketing strategy

WeBoost will then develop a carefully researched and validated marketing strategy that will move your business to the next level of digital marketing.



We will report on the user metrics that matter to your business using Facebook, Instagram and WeChat advertising platforms.



We will optimise campaigns based on the knowledge we gain from campaign progress reports, adapting our strategy with sophisticated analysis and audience research.

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