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As the most used social media, Facebook is integrated with marketing capabilities for businesses to broaden their reach to target audiences. With conversion tracking and data analytics, marketers can know where the customers are from and adjust accordingly in Facebook.

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Facebook Marketing

One of the Lowest
Marketing Expenses

Reach more with the same budget

Facebook and its wide user base help businesses to reach their target audience in one of the lowest costs per impression among digital platforms. With the same budget, businesses can use Facebook to reach more of the targeted audience.

Facebook Marketing

Defined Target

Facebook provides one of the most detailed audience segmentations in digital advertising platforms to find the most niche audience in the world.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

Enhanced Exposure

The massive audience on Facebook helps businesses to promote their branding and vision with minimal cost. The improved exposure can encourage more consumers to visit a website and perform conversion actions to bring leads and sales.

SEO Improvements

Your Facebook campaign should be a part of search engine optimization campaign to enhance search engine exposure.

Increase Website Traffic

Facebook brings valuable website referrals from the social media to official websites to encourage website conversions.


01. How much do Facebook Ads cost?

The minimum cost per day for Facebook Ads is USD$1 per day. But we recommend at least $10 per day to create meaningful interactions.

02. How to create Facebook ads?

Facebook Ads can be created through Facebook Page and Facebook Business Manager. But the complexity of Facebook Ads means finding an agency is much simpler.

03. How are Facebook Ads charged?

Facebook Ads are charged per impression, meaning that businesses are charged whenever the ads were viewed.

04. Other than Facebook ads, what are the other digital marketing strategies?

While Facebook ads is a great starting point, digital marketing should also cover SEO, Google Ads, Instagram Ads and more to maximize online reach of a business.

Facebook Marketing

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