Reach the Millennials with Highest Purchase Power


As a visual-first media, Instagram has been hugely appealing to the millennials who also have the highest purchase power. With carefully developed strategies, our Instagram marketing helps build brand awareness and generate more sales.

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Instagram Marketing

Reach Audience with the Highest Purchase Power

Millennials are expected to
spend $1.4 trillion this year

Instagram is most popular among 18 to 29 years old. In 2019, 67% of them use Instagram, compared to 59% in 2016. Millennials are not only the highest spending generation but also most highly influenced by media. 82% of them will buy a product the first time they see it if they like it enough.

Start up businesses can use Instagram to reach unmet consumers who might like their products and gain sales from audiences who prefer to purchase generic brands over name brands.

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing

Multiple Ad Types

Suits all marketing campaigns

Enhance Your Brand Marketing

Instagram is unavoidable for digital marketing campaigns of all brands. And branding on Instagram is crucial as millennials are more likely to be influenced by Instagram and its influencers on their purchase decisions. And 89% of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social media.

Instagram Marketing


01. How much do Instagram Ads cost?

The minimal cost of Instagram Ads is USD$1 per day. But we recommend a budget of at least $10 a day for better effectiveness.

02. How to create Instagram ads?

Instagram is a part of Facebook, so ads are created through Facebook Ads Manager. But if you are not familiar with the platform, we suggest you find someone professional, like WeBOOST, to help.

03. How are Instagram Ads targeted?

Instagram ads are targeted through audiences. This includes their age, location, interests and more for businesses to find the most valuable audience.

04. Other than Instagram ads, what are the other digital marketing strategies?

While Instagram ads is a great starting point, digital marketing should also cover SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more to maximize online reach of a business.

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