Hula is a community network mobile software created by WeBOOST for the family affection of Australian Chinese students in 2020, including WeChat applets and APP versions. The advent of HULA provides a convenient Chinese second-hand transaction, local renting and social channels for the majority of students studying in Australia. The playful, warm and simple design style is in line with the application habits of young people, and it has become one of the indispensable applications for local students in their daily life.

The overall design style of HULA is biased towards the majority of overseas students. It is mainly playful, easy-to-use and practical, and the color is even more beautiful and youthful. In terms of function design, HULA is more popular with young people. Function-oriented, such as social networking, topics, circles, real-time chat, etc., allow the majority of international students to participate more in the construction of the HULA ecosystem, ensure user activity, and increase user online time and stickiness.

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HULA adopts a clear and intuitive design style in the display of page information, and only displays the most commonly used information categories for users to focus on; at the same time, HULA adopts the popular waterfall layout in the display of detailed content, which is convenient for users to search and view their own feelings. Interested products and collections.

Flexible Social Network

The social network of HULA has four characteristics: swiftness, spread, equality and self-organization. Based on the four characteristics of social networks, WeBOOST has built a social network model that conforms to the localized social model based on the four characteristics of the social network in Australia, and put forward the concept of circles through professional social network sentiment analysis and individual influence analysis technology. Let social users create topic groups flexibly and efficiently, attract people with similar interests, ensure the online time and participation of social groups, and increase the online number and activity of social platforms.

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