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Discovery your best influencer marketing tactics and identify the most relevant influencers for your brand to optimise your brand awareness.

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Influencer marketing not only improves the brand’s accurate exposure to social media influencers’ target audience, but also gains more followers and sales. Most social users, especially the younger generation trust influencers more than brands. Some of them even trust the information from influencers more than the brands. Since influencers have invested time and energy to build a highly engaged audience, they know their audience very well. They know what content can resonate with followers, so that followers can trust their suggestions and follow their purchase recommendations.

Why do you need influencer marketing?

Influencer, also known as KOL (Key Opinion Leader), is an influential person in a certain field. They are content creators that produce content on different platforms, especially social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, RED, TikTok, etc. They have accumulated many followers, which directly or indirectly affects their followers’ consumption behaviour.

Influencer marketing greatly shortens the sales path of traditional online and below-the-line advertising. Influencers shares their experience of using some products or services. When their followers think the products fit their needs, they will make their purchase.

We are not influencer, but what can we do for you?

Huge Influencer Database

We are not an influencer, but we have strong influencer connections across all social media platforms in China and Australia. We help you to identify your ideal influencer with high engagement rates in different community sizes and industries to get optimal campaign results.

We Understand Social Media

WeBoost has been trusted in providing professional digital marketing and social media service over the past years. We know how to set up influencer marketing strategies to reach your target customers. We are good at combining business insight and market hot topics to make noise for your business, which will not only maximize the content engagement but also the conversion.

Influencer Management

As a bridge of communication between the brand and influencers, we communicate with customers in time and ensure influencers meet the expectations of the brand. We keep track of the influencers ‘work progress and make sure they submit the branded content as required. Our long-term collaboration with influencers saves you from scams as well!

Campaign Post Tracking & Feedback

At the end of each promotion, we will measure campaign performance based on statistics and report to you in time.You will have an idea of what works best for your brand and explore new markets in your future campaign.

Our Edge


Australian team members:
We know the local market and your customers better

Planning, shooting and copywriting will be handled by our Australia-based team members who are also active social media users. We know your customers better than you because we are your potential customers. We also keep up with the social media platform ‘s update to explore methods of accurate audience targeting and increase customer retention rate.


Personalise influencer marketing campaign

Each customer will have a personalised influencer marketing plan. We will find the most relevant influencers for your campaign that share the same brand’s image and values.


Diversified marketing method to maximize brand exposure

We can promote content in different methods, using multiple angles and directions that works best for the brand exposure.


No binding contract

WeBoost has no binding contract for all marketing services. We believe that your high-performing marketing result is the best contract. Word of mouth is the key to our extensive development.

FAQs of KOL Marketing

01. What are the major influencer marketing platforms?

All social media have their influencer community that can promote your brand. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Tic Tok, YouTube, RED, Tik Tok, WeChat, etc.

02. What kind of influencer works best?

Micro-influencers who have less than 100,000 fans on Instagram usually promote your brand more effectively than Super influencer and celebrity endorsements. This is because having a smaller group of audience usually means that they are more influential in a specific field. The promotion will look like friendly but professional advice.

03. Why should I start influencer marketing and social media marketing at the same time?

The algorithm of social media advertisement is difficult to accurately understand. Plus, some consumers will block social media advertisements in account settings. Brands need to use different marketing methods to reach their target customers. Influencer can use their established common language to promote the product. So that the target customers are more willing to watch and share the content, and eventually enhance the brand’s popularity.

04. Is the marketing cost of influencer marketing expensive?

Influencer price is different, depends on the number of followers, industries and regions. Regardless of the size of the brand and the marketing budget, we will customize your influencer marketing plan to achieve the brand’s goals.

05. How many influencers should I include in my influencer marketing campaign?

We suggest inviting several nano influencers to find the best type of influencer for long-term collaboration. Every project with no less than 10 nano influencers will see better results.

Why Choose WeBoost?

We Are Experienced

Our team of designers and developers have over 10 years of experience in developing stunning websites.

Affordable Pricing

Great websites do not have to be costly. Our competitive pricing makes website more accessible.

Detailed Management

Our project management team ensures your website is delivered on-time in excellent quality.

Tailored Service

The entire design and development are managed by a dedicated account manager from start to finish.

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