Google Search Ads

Text Based Advertisements When Users Search For Relevant Keywords

Google Search Ads is a text-only ads that displays with relevant keywords. The ads usually display on top of organic results.
Search ads can also display in Google Display Network websites with text ads by artificial intelligence.

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What WeBoost does?

Google Search Keyword Advertisements help to reach customers with most conversion potential. Your advertisements is only shown to the users who look for related keywords to promote your product or service at the time of their need.




Over 2 million partner websites with Google



70% of the world’s search network market are owned by Google



Over 5 billion searches are performed per day

What’s more to be said?

Maximum coverage to all your potential customers

Google and its numerous partner websites cover over 88% of users across the world to find all your potential customers no matter where they are.

Only pay for what you get

Keyword advertisements are only charged when your potential customers see the ad, feel interested and click the ad. So, you are only paying for real traffic to your website.

WeTalents have been a long-term Google partner with years of success and an extended customer review portfolio to bring you indisputable traffic.Let the world see your charm.

As flexible as a rubber band

We constantly monitor the effectiveness of your search ads to optimise the budget, placement and content in relation to market changes to ensure an optimal reach.

Accurate, pin-point, bulls-eye targeting

Keyword advertisement can be set to precisely target the characteristics of your potential customers, ensuring maximum effectiveness in building awareness and converting the targeted demographic.


The WeBoost way

Despite Google offers a platform for everyone to run an advertisement on its platform, there are fundamental benefits partnering with WeBOOST to sort everything for you.

Market research

In the current age of big data, there are benefits from each and every datum for an insight to your business and how others are performing relatively. We not only use the data for the campaign, we offer you insight as well.

Transforming numbers

Numbers can be boring to read and useless if not interpreted correctly. But we translate numbers to actual and feasible recommendations and opportunities for your business to grow with us.

Spare your time

The “everyone can do it” platform from Google is easier said than done. The complicating system and constant algorithm updates would need immense time to learn and maintain. Or, we can help with that.

Holistic approach

Giving big money to Google does not mean your ads is going to show up. There are many factors that could stop your ads from showing. Our well-rounded approach meant we will get everything done for you.

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