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Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are text-only ads that displays with relevant keywords on the search results page. Search ads can also display in Google Display Network to extend its exposure.

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Ads on Search Result Page

Search ads are commonly placed on top of organic results to increase exposure of a website and lead more traffic to a website for subsequent customer actions.

90% Increase in Exposure

Our campaigns helped to significantly increase website exposure.

Rank on Top of Organic Results

Search Ads are placed over organic results to greater exposure.


Only Pay for What You Get

The pricing model of paying for clicks meant businesses only pay for the actual traffic leading to the website but not wasted budgets.


Lower Cost per Click

Our ads optimization was able to lower cost by 30% for better performance-to-budget ratio.


Higher Return of Ad Spend

We helped our clients to reach 50% better ROAS since we began managing their existing ads.


Reach Customers When They Need It

Search ads are displayed when relevant keywords are searched to reach potential customers when they are looking for businesses like you.

Higher Click-Through Rate

Our copywriting helped to increase CTR from 0.8% to 3.29%

Better Conversion

Conversion optimization to improve ads results



All businesses can place ads on Google Search with Google Ads. But professional ads management can significantly enhance the cost per performance of your ads.

Google Search Ads is hugely helpful in increasing traffic to websites for more business-customer interactions.

Responsive search ads are now the default Google Search Ads. Responsive ads have multiple titles and descriptions to better match different keyword variations and improve click-through rate.

While Google Search Ads is a great starting point, digital marketing should also cover display ads, SEO, social media marketing, and more to maximize the online reach of a business.

Why Choose WeBOOST?

We Are Experienced

Our Google Ads team has years of experience in building and executing Google Ads campaigns.

Affordable Pricing

Our flexible pricing makes Google Ads more affordable to more businesses to growth collectively.

Detailed Management

Our Google Ads team carefully manage each campaign to reach your online marketing goals.

Tailored Service

Our Google Ads strategy tailors to different businesses to maximize its effectiveness.

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