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Custom System Software Development

A system software suitable for a company's unique management model and meeting corporate business needs will determine whether a company can rely on efficient operations and stand out in a fiercely competitive market. WeBOOST provides companies with a unique technical solution.

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Digital Business Management and Optimising an Enterprise's Resource Allocation

With the developing advancements of technology, the once traditional norm of system management can no longer fulfill the typical business demands anymore. A digital operating model is now the foundation of today's competitive environment. A customised system software will assist companies to greatly achieve a significant increase in work efficiency, while reducing unnecessary labour costs and maximizing the allocation of limited resources.

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Providing Enterprises with the most Adequate Technical Solutions

Every company has its own unique management model and other problems to be solved. Therefore, it is inadequate to just apply a ready-made system to rectify problems, achieve digitalisation, elevate work efficiency, and witness performance growth. WeBOOST deeply understands that each company has their own personalised business needs and business backgrounds. Hence, in the early stage, WeBOOST will allocate professional technical personnel to conduct in-depth discussions with the customer and even go directly to the customer's company to conduct on-site inspections to fully understand the customer's needs. The software system construction program is guaranteed to be completed to as close to the vision of the customer.

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Build an Easy-to-Use system software for Enterprises

An optimal system software must not only accurately solve the business dilemma of the enterprise, but also must be extremely convenient to operate for people with different backgrounds, especially if they may find technology a bit difficult to navigate. At WeBOOST we understand the importance of the usability and convenience of the system for our customers. Therefore, during the entire creation of the system development, we will regularly communicate with customers about the results, obtain timely feedback from customers, and adjust ensure that our customers can maximise the performance after we have completed the software development. Get started quickly and put it into use.

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Instil Confidence and Ease by not Worrying about Maintenance Services

Development is only the first half of creating the system software, and the maintenance which is the second half cannot be neglected for the successful use of a system. WeBoost's follow-up maintenance service not only covers common fault repairs, but also covers regular upgrades and new functions to ensure that the company's systems can keep up with the development of the company and ensure it stands out from their competitors.

Stable maintenance and upgrade


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed fee for system customisation. The fee depends on the functional requirements of the enterprise and the complexity of the system. However, considering the personnel cost in the early period, the communication cost in the mid-term and the maintenance cost in the later period, the service charge of the local Australian team of WeBOOST will obviously be better and higher quality than another IT company in Australia.

The development cycle of system customisation depends on the needs of the enterprise and the number of functions, but WeBOOST utilises an agile development model, which will allow a function to be used in real time every time one is completed. Through this agile development model, WeBOOST can ensure that customers can use the functions immediately and make timely adjustments according to the feedback given by the customer.

The scalability of the system software is one of the major advantages of WeBoost's customised systems. Customers can expand new functions and add new terminals at any time according to their needs. Moreover, WeBOOST will also provide customers with completed project files and codes, which are convenient for customers to keep or record for later use.

Whether a system can be used for a long time proportionately depends on its safety and reliability. WeBOOST always prioritises the safety and reliability of the software system we develop. Therefore, we will provide long-term data backup for enterprises and provide technical guarantees to support long-term maintenance to ensure the system's reliability and long-term stable use.

As a system customisation that is essential to business operations, the most important thing to pay attention to is to choose the correct, most professional and a quality IT team. A local team is undoubtedly the best solution, because they understand the business environment and market better in their locality. Through a well-informed team, a company will be able to create a system that caters more to their needs. WeBOOST also suggests bringing more appropriate development suggestions. Additionally, when a system is built, it is not built and then finished there is still maintenance, repair and updates to consider. Only by choosing a local team on call can WeBOOST ensure timely problem repair and follow-up long-term maintenance. Therefore, WeBOOST, who has been deeply involved in the Australian market for many years and has a local professional team in Australia, is undoubtedly the best choice your digital system customisations and IT solutions.

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