Community Platform Solution

In view of the characteristics of the local Chinese community in Australia, WeBOOST has combined years of localization experience to design a mobile community platform solution for the Australian Chinese virtual community platform, allowing users to freely switch between mobile phones, tablets and other types of mobile devices. The network provides users with functions such as social networking, chatting, circles, and information sharing, so that local social networking is no longer limited by time, space, and language, and provides community users with one-stop services to solve various problems without leaving home. Improved user satisfaction and stickiness.


Highlighted Features

Classified Ads

Flexible advertising information display page

Self-built Social Circle

Create topics independently and build social circles

Live Chat

One-to-one private chat (text, pictures, voice, etc.)

Group Buying/Discount

Provide information display boards and push promotional information

AI Content Push

According to the user portrait, push relevant information

Big Data Analysis

Summarize various community data for business analysis

Flexible Social Network Model

Online social networks have four characteristics: swiftness, spreading, equality and self-organization. Based on the four characteristics of social networks, WeBOOST has built a social network model that conforms to the localized social model based on the four characteristics of the social network in Australia, and put forward the concept of circles through professional social network sentiment analysis and individual influence analysis technology. Let social users create topic groups flexibly and efficiently, attract people with similar interests, ensure the online time and participation of social groups, and increase the online number and activity of social platforms.


Live Chat

Live chat, also known as instant messaging. WeBOOST adopts the mainstream instant messaging technology to realize online chatting. Under the premise of ensuring data security and privacy and not being supervised by the Chinese government, it meets the needs of various social scenarios, allowing users to realize real freedom anytime, anywhere, through any mobile device Communication has improved the stickiness and participation of users in using social platforms, and increased the active time of users on the platform.


Classified Ads

The WeBOOST community platform provides a more open classified advertisement delivery function for merchants. Advertising is easier, faster and cheaper. The placement of advertisements is more autonomous, and advertisers can publish rich advertisement content such as text and pictures on the Internet without leaving home. Advertisers can publish for a long time, thus forming a 'feather effect'. The platform will put a large number of similar advertisements together to form a scale effect, allowing users to better compare and choose. At the same time, it will push relevant advertisements to users through intelligent algorithms.


Big Data Analysis / personalised Precise Push

We are in an era of rapid development and change, and user behaviors, needs, emotions, and preferences are changing at any time. From the perspective of users, WeBOOST enriches the panoramic view of community users through massive data and multi-dimensional data analysis, and mines users' basic attributes, trading habits, channel preferences, product preferences, interest characteristics, emotional characteristics and personality traits, etc. In this way, similar friend recommendation, interest-related recommendation and personalised precise advertisement can be realized.


Case Study - Hula

Hula Hoop is a community network mobile software created by WeBOOST for the family affection of Australian Chinese students in 2020, including WeChat mini program and APP versions. The advent of HULA provides a convenient Chinese second-hand transaction, local renting and social channels for the majority of students studying in Australia. The playful, warm and simple design style is in line with the application habits of young people, and it has become one of the indispensable applications for local students in their daily life. one.



In addition to the technical difficulties, the biggest difficulty in the development process of the community system is to dig deeper into the real problems in the actual operation of the community platform, and then start the system construction. Otherwise, the more function points will be blindly developed, and it will not be practically solved. The problems encountered by customers, on the contrary, increase troubles and add a lot of extra work. WeBOOST is people-oriented, fully studies the needs of the industry, and provides customers with tailor-made and efficient information solutions.

The key to the success of community system construction is not only an in-depth understanding of the industry, but more importantly, the selection of a suitable IT development team, and the local team is undoubtedly the best solution, because the local team is more familiar with the actual difficulties of local community operations, In this way, more appropriate development suggestions can be brought to the enterprise; in addition, the construction of the system is not done once and for all. Only by choosing an on-call local team can we ensure timely problem repair and long-term maintenance in the later period.

There is no fixed cost for community system development. The overall development cost depends on the functional requirements and complexity of the project. Considering the overall project development cost, including early communication design, mid-term development testing, post-launch maintenance, and the localization team provided by WeBOOST The service fee is undoubtedly the best cost-effective, and it is obviously better than the Chinese team.


Timely Support & Long-term Maintenance By Local Professional Team

Development is only the first half of creating the system software, and the maintenance which is the second half cannot be neglected for the successful use of a system. WeBoost's follow-up maintenance service not only covers common fault repairs, but also covers regular upgrades and new functions to ensure that the company's systems can keep up with the development of the company and ensure it stands out from their competitors.

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