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With a large and complex teachers, course content and students, educational institutions have been facing difficulties such as high cost of students acquisition, inefficient management of teaching services, failure to keep up with after-school services, and difficulty in making business decisions, which makes educational institutions urgently need an automatic and perfect backend management system to complete efficient teaching arrangements so that they can easily expand the student base.


Highlighted Features

Class Management

Big class/ Small class/ VIP class

Student Attendance

Scan code/ Facial recognition/ Fingerprint recognition

Teacher Management

Performance / Class arrangement / Payroll

Video Management

Video download/ Online watch/ Sale

Institution Management

Staff management/ Payroll/ Performance management

Student Management

Enrolment/ Payment/ Attendance

Class Management

Our education management system provides multi-dimensional class schedules, direct scheduling of classes during free periods to avoid vacant resources. It also enables multiple scheduling rules and automatic detection of scheduling conflicts. It supports for creating formal, experiential and general classes and various class types including large classes, small classes and one-on-one classes.


Teacher Management

Our education management system integrates teacher management solutions that supports face attendance to facilitate the recording of teacher performance. It also provides teachers with reasonable appointment scheduling according to their free time. Besides, teacher salary settlement can also be checked and completed with this system.


Student Attendance

The education management system we built integrates student management solutions, supporting multiple ways of check-in such as scanning code, face recognition and fingerprint recognition. This will optimize the check-in process and makes it more convenient for student attendance management, and timely follow-up of student status.


Video Content Management

The education management system we built integrates course content management solutions. By moving offline classes and lectures to online, our system helps to lift the restrictions of time and space and makes it easy for students to download and watch repeatedly. Besides, educational institutions can also sell course video content directly on the platform to maximize benefits.


Case Study - Youniplus Education

Youniplus Education is the most professional university tuition institution in Australia established in 2018, focusing on providing a variety of coursework tutoring for international students in Australia. They dedicate to solving the study difficulties encountered by Chinese students during overseas study. However, with the expansion of business, the increase in courses and teaching staff, they felt that they were in urgent need of an intelligent integrated system to facilitate management. By analysing the pain points and business processes of Youniplus Education, we developed a set of integrated education management system for them, which integrates course management, student attendance, teacher management, video management, school management and student management to optimize resource allocation and course arrangement. Now the company has developed into a benchmark company in the industry, winning the trust of students and parents with its professional teachers, rich teaching experience, personalised and customised tutoring, online and offline follow-up and 'three major' service model standards.



The most important and crucial thing in the development of logistics solution is to deal with the problems between warehouse management and transportation, that is to say, the logistics solution is not just an APP that allows users to send items online. It is essential to understand the importance of logistics and storage so that the solution built can ensure delivery efficiency, maximize manual efficiency, reduce costs, save waste, give users the best experience and realize maximum profit.

The key to a successful logistics solution is to choose the right IT team. A local team is undoubtedly the best choice because the local team understands the plight of the local logistics company and can bring more relevant development advice to the business, in addition, the system is not built once and for all, so choosing a local team that is on call will ensure timely problem fixing and subsequent long-term maintenance.

There is no fixed fee for a customised logistics solution because the cost depends on the functional requirements and the complexity of the system. considering the preliminary staff cost, the mid-term communication cost and the post-maintenance cost, the service fee of WeBOOST's local Australian team is significantly better than the team in China.


Timely Support & Long-term Maintenance By Local Professional Team

Development is only the first half of creating the system software, and the maintenance which is the second half cannot be neglected for the successful use of a system. WeBoost's follow-up maintenance service not only covers common fault repairs, but also covers regular upgrades and new functions to ensure that the company's systems can keep up with the development of the company and ensure it stands out from their competitors.

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