Logistics Solution

The logistics solution is mainly a comprehensive logistics management software developed for small, medium and large cargo enterprises and logistics companies to solve the current logistics business's issues including wide service location, difficulty in management, untimely communication, not-in-place monitoring, no uniform service standards, no data shared, lacking synchronization and coordination, and not supporting real-time package tracking.


Highlighted Features

Real-time Tracking

Multi-currency Payment

International Logistics File Management

Intelligent Warehouse Management

Flexible Warehouse Network Expansion

Third-party Logistics System Integration

Intelligent Warehouse Management

The logistics solution we built incorporates an intelligent warehouse coordination system, which facilitates the integration of warehouse resources and realizes the automated integration between the entire warehouse starting from parcel entry, parcel placement, and the final parcel delivery. The logistics system and the special machine equipment form an automatic docking, which can eventually realize the unmanned, intelligent and digital management mode, in addition, it also realizes the integrated whole process management and completes the seamless connection between warehousing and distribution.


Parcel Consolidation

The logistics solution we built is designed with the function of parcel consolidation, so that senders can send multiple parcels to different destinations at one time, and the backend of system can automatically merge the parcels sent to the same destination by the same customer, which not only saves the user the trouble of sending several parcels, but also facilitates the subsequent parcel transportation and management.


Multiple Payment Options

The logistics solution we built incorporates multi-currency and multi-platform payment methods. In addition to supporting traditional credit card payments online, we also added Alipay and WeChat payment functions to give users more choices to optimize user experience, and reach more potential customers, effectively helping logistics companies to further expand its business lines.


Whole Process Shipment Tracking

The logistics solution we built incorporates GPS control system to achieve precise vehicle positioning and track view, ensuring full tracking and comprehensive monitoring of the transportation process, getting rid of the lack of information on long-distance logistics transportation subcontracting, enabling users to know the whereabouts of parcels at a glance, and also to receive notification of any updates of parcels.


Case Study - ATExpress

Established in 2012, ATExpress International Logistics Group is a well-known international logistics company in Melbourne. It specializes in providing freight management, air and sea freight logistics and express services for both Australia and China. ATExpress has maintained stable cooperation with international freight companies such as DHL, TNT and EMS for many years, and enjoys the first-class agency right and VIP major customer price for DHL China shipments to Australia. However, with the surge of business volume and expansion of routes, ATExpress urgently needs an intelligent system to improve management and user experience. By analysing the pain points and business processes of ATExpress, we developed a set of integrated logistics solution for ATExpress, not only designed and developed an APP for customers to send and receive parcels without leaving home, which greatly optimized the user experience, but also connected all warehouse outlets and distribution centers to create an intelligent and perfect logistics system to ensure the efficient delivery of parcels.



The most important and crucial thing in the development of logistics solution is to deal with the problems between warehouse management and transportation, that is to say, the logistics solution is not just an APP that allows users to send items online. It is essential to understand the importance of logistics and storage so that the solution built can ensure delivery efficiency, maximize manual efficiency, reduce costs, save waste, give users the best experience and realize maximum profit.

The key to a successful logistics solution is to choose the right IT team. A local team is undoubtedly the best choice because the local team understands the plight of the local logistics company and can bring more relevant development advice to the business, in addition, the system is not built once and for all, so choosing a local team that is on call will ensure timely problem fixing and subsequent long-term maintenance.

There is no fixed fee for a customised logistics solution because the cost depends on the functional requirements and the complexity of the system. considering the preliminary staff cost, the mid-term communication cost and the post-maintenance cost, the service fee of WeBOOST's local Australian team is significantly better than the team in China.


Timely Support & Long-term Maintenance By Local Professional Team

Development is only the first half of creating the system software, and the maintenance which is the second half cannot be neglected for the successful use of a system. WeBoost's follow-up maintenance service not only covers common fault repairs, but also covers regular upgrades and new functions to ensure that the company's systems can keep up with the development of the company and ensure it stands out from their competitors.

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