Grocery Store Solution

The grocery store solution integrates supply, preservation, warehousing and distribution, which not only automates the management of inventory, but also optimizes the distribution of orders and ensures the connectivity of all operational links. With grocery store solution, users will have the best experience and merchants will realize the greatest profits by maximizing manual efficiency, suppressing costs and saving waste.


Highlighted Features

APP Interface Customisation

Product Management

Sorting Management

Marketing Management

Delivery Management

Financial Report Customisation

AI Delivery Task Assignment & Route Planning

The grocery store solution takes the driver's delivery side into account by automatically matching the driver closest to the customer and intelligently optimizing the delivery route for the driver to ensure that the customer gets the fresh produce quickly.


Batch Order Picking

Based on the difficulty in fresh products management and order sorting, our grocery store solution is designed to automatically sort orders in the order in which they are placed in the warehouse, which greatly facilitates the work of sorters and maximizes sorting efficiency while ensuring that products in the orders are correct and not missed.


Collaborative Architecture

The grocery store solution we built supports multi-client operation applications. In addition to the traditional web and APP, we also build H5 to facilitate use, which successfully establishes the connection among end-users, achieves real-time cooperation and seamless connection between each link, and maximizes the effective flow of information and the efficiency of operators at all levels.


Case Study - Pacific Asian

Pacific Asian is a grocery store established in 2020 who is committed to bringing Asian goodies to Australia. However, the increase in rent and labour costs as well as the sharp drop in traffic to the physical stores caused by COVID resulted in a serious impact on sales profit. In addition, due to the shortage of staff and labour-intensive inventory management, lots of fresh products are spoiled and wasted, which further reduces the profit of the business. Therefore, they approached us to help them overcome the bottleneck in the business. Through the analysis of the pain points and business processes, we designed and developed a set of integrated grocery store solution for them, which not only included an online shopping APP for them to realize a community-based one-stop new retail experience and expand the consumer base, but also connected the warehouse and driver side to create an intelligent and perfect supply chain system and logistics system to ensure the direct delivery of fresh products.



The most important and critical aspect of grocery store solution development is to deal with the problems between product management and transportation, that is to say, grocery store solution is not just an online shopping APP. It is essential to understand the importance of logistics and storage for fresh products so that the solution built can ensure product quality, maximize manual efficiency, reduce costs, save waste, give users the best experience and realize maximum profit.

The key to a successful grocery store solution is to choose the right IT team. A local team is undoubtedly the best choice because the local team understands the plight of the local fresh produce supermarket and can bring more relevant development advice to the business, in addition, the system is not built once and for all, so choosing a local team that is on call will ensure timely problem fixing and subsequent long-term maintenance.

There is no fixed fee for a customised grocery store solution because the cost depends on the functional requirements and the complexity of the system. considering the preliminary staff cost, the mid-term communication cost and the post-maintenance cost, the service fee of WeBOOST's local Australian team is significantly better than the team in China.


Timely Support & Long-term Maintenance By Local Professional Team

Development is only the first half of creating the system software, and the maintenance which is the second half cannot be neglected for the successful use of a system. WeBoost's follow-up maintenance service not only covers common fault repairs, but also covers regular upgrades and new functions to ensure that the company's systems can keep up with the development of the company and ensure it stands out from their competitors.

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