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Instagram Ads

If advertisement and promotion of Little Red Book in the Chinese circle is an inescapable part, then from an outside perspective, the advertisement and promotion's using Instagram is also important. More than 500 million people use Instagram every day, and many of them spend more than an hour a day on the app.

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Data Analysis

Data shows that 50% of users will be more interested in a brand once they see an advert on Instagram, and as high as 81% will use Instagram to research products and services, so you can see the effectiveness of Instagram advertisements and its necessity in reaching a target audience. At present, there are more than 2 billion merchants on Instagram who are advertising and operating accounts. It is expected that more merchants will follow in the future. By utilising Instagram advertisements and converting the traffic to your products, gain attention and help seize the market earlier than your competitors.

50 %

Users are interested in Instagram Ads

81 %

Users research products on Instagram

2 Billion

Businesses advertise on Instagram

Unique advertising settings that are in line with platform users

Instagram is different from other social media platforms. Its positioning is more youthful, and most of its users are mainly young adolescents. This also determines the success or failure of Instagram marketing. Whether Instagram advertisements can catch the attention of young groups and make them resonate and develop interest in your products is vital for success.


To maximise the effectiveness of Instagram and develop an interest in your products WeBOOST has a marketing team composed of young Instagram social media experts. They not only understand the psychology of young people, but also understand the characteristics and various functions of the platform. According to their products and services, they will cooperate with Instagram's unique products and services. Advertising mode, design the advertising plan that is exclusive to customers and most suitable for the platform.

Adjust the advertising plan in a timely manner, so that the popularity and traffic do not fall behind

As we all know, the current hot topics among young people are constantly changing. If you do not keep up with the current trends and integrate the most eye-catching content into the advertisements, it will affect the clicks and attention of the advertisements, making the advertising effect unsatisfactory. WeBoost's Instagram marketing team will always pay attention to the current trends, and integrate them into the design of advertising plans, focusing on both traffic, and maximising benefits.


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