Still One of the Most Effective Campaigns


Email direct marketing remains as one of the most effective marketing campaigns to encourage brand awareness and customer conversions. Our email marketing manages from email collection to sending regular emails.

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Email Marketing

Reach Your Target Customers
By Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

High Average Return

Every $1 spent on email marketing can bring businesses an average return of $42.

Grow Your Business

81% of small-to-medium business rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel.

High Reaching Potential

Welcome email has an average open rate of 82% to scale up an email campaign for a growing audience.

Strength of Email Marketing

The return of investment of email marketing can be up to 3800% to be a powerful digital marketing strategy. And email marketing can increase revenue as much as 760% to improve overall online sales.

Email Marketing


01. How to calculate conversion rate from email marketing?

Tags can be added to a landing page for categorising customer conversions from email marketing.

02. How to improve email marketing campaigns?

Content is the first and most crucial aspects in email marketing to look for. Make sure there are enough incentives for the recipient to make an action.

03. How to start an email marketing campaign?

Every email marketing campaign is started by encouraging subscriptions. Consider giving some benefits to assist email collection.

04. Other than email marketing, what are the other marketing strategies?

While email marketing is a great starting point, digital marketing should also cover SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing and more to maximize online reach of a business.

Email Marketing

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