AIKEDUO is a fresh food supermarket established in 2020, dedicated to bringing good Asian products to Australia.

We developed a set of integrated fresh food supermarket management system for AIKEDUO, not only designed and developed an online shopping APP for them, but also AIKEDUO a community-based one-stop new retail experience, expanded consumer groups and made them more connected The storage management terminal and the driver terminal have been established, and an intelligent and complete supply chain system and logistics system have been created.

AIKEDUO e-commerce supermarket APP is a tailor-made e-commerce platform based on the actual business of the customer and according to the actual operation of the customer. Whether it is in terms of style design or functional requirements, it fully meets the user’s requirements. The main functions include product display, product classification, product recommendation, online consultation, membership points, flexible payment, multiple marketing, etc., and also reserves external interfaces to connect with many third-party application platforms.

Flexible Payment Methods

Fully consider the daily payment habits of Chinese people, realize diversified payment methods, successfully connect with mainstream Australian payment platforms such as Paylinx and Stripe, and support common WeChat payment, Alipay payment, credit card payment and Apple payment.

Cashing in on reward points

It is perfectly connected with the POS system of offline stores, realizing the synchronous points of offline stores and online shopping malls, two online and offline systems, and one point account, so that Aikeduo customers can use it at any time, in any store, regardless of online or offline Using the points obtained through different channels increases the flexibility and reliability of point use and enhances customers’ stickiness to the brand.

Coupon Marketing

Provide merchants with flexible coupon management strategies. In addition to daily full discount coupons, newcomer red envelopes, etc., you can also create coupons for specific dates, specific ranges, and special groups of people to meet the merchants’ application of coupons in different scenarios. It has improved the marketing methods of merchants and greatly helped the increase in product sales.

Adapt to the usage habits of local users

Industry-specific custom design

iOS/Android app store marketing

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