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WeChat is the gateway to Chinese not only in China but across the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and more. As one of the only few social media available in China, WeChat is an integral part of marketing campaigns to Chinese.

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Wechat Marketing
Wechat Marketing

Reach Chinese Audience
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With early immigrants to other parts of the world, WeChat adoption is not limited to China but the Chinese population in multiple countries. Using WeChat in marketing is hugely helpful in reaching this demographic with great purchasing power to improve product and service sales.

Full Conversion Process Coverage

The WeChat ecosystem covers brand awareness, content delivery, customer interaction, and conversion for marketing campaigns to achieve different goals. While WeChat operates differently than Western media, marketing concepts can still be applied accordingly.

Detailed Audience Analytics

Similar to other social media, WeChat also offers audience analytics for marketers to understand their growth in WeChat for setting up short- and long-term goals.


01. How to do marketing on WeChat?

While there are Official Accounts, Mini Program and H5 Pages, WeChat marketing also relies on word-of-mouth marketing due to its lack of organic recommendation. Talk to our specialists to learn more.

02. How popular is WeChat?

WeChat is currently the third largest social media with 1.42 billion of users. And its user base does not limit to Chinese and those that Chinese is their mother tongue.

03. How to use WeChat for marketing?

WeChat can be used solely to market to Chinese or as a part of marketing campaigns to improve brand awareness and sales.

04. Other than WeChat ads, what are the other digital marketing strategies?

While WeChat ads is a great starting point, digital marketing should also cover SEO, Google Ads, social media Ads and more to maximize online reach of a business.

Wechat Marketing
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