CRM Solution

WeBOOST customer relationship management solution is based on the traditional CRM solution. On the basis of completing the basic CRM functions, it provides customers with more secondary development and customised business functions, allowing you to clearly grasp the following Administer various indicators of customers, you can see all the information in one interface, flexibly create a control panel, check the related business history with customers, order status, all customer service issues to be resolved, etc., effectively improve corporate income and customer satisfaction degree, employee productivity.


Highlighted Features

Information Collection

Unified storage and processing of customer-related information

Data Analysis Decision

In-depth understanding of various data indexes

3rd Party Integration

OneReserved APIs for data interaction with other systems

Multi End Linkage

Supports multiple application platforms

Private Data

Data is safely encrypted and stored to complete privatization

Permission Control

Flexible permission management and control strategies


Every business is unique, so their CRM should be as well. WeBOOST is people-oriented, standing in the perspective of each customer, whether it is from the way of collecting and viewing information, or language and currency, or even business processes, it can provide customised services, including page layout, custom components, diversified Inquiry, and personalised dashboards, etc., so that users can truly play the role of CRM and improve enterprise efficiency.


Data Privatization

The core asset in CRM is customer data. How to ensure the security and privatization of customer data is the most important link in the entire informatisation process. We have collected many years of development experience, based on what customers think and what customers can meet, comprehensively considering the cost of the computer room, the cost of operation and maintenance, and the problems of experience, etc., to assist customers to build a complete, safe and completely privatized Cloud data storage supports AWS, Google Cloud or Alibaba Cloud to ensure convenient and safe data management and services for you.


Data Analysis / Decision Support

WeBOOST CRM solution focuses on customers, provides customizable reports and statistical charts, supports cross-linking of multiple modules, computing operations, different types of layouts, and automatically generates reports at regular intervals, so that business operators can obtain real-time Operational data, early warning, and provide strong decision-making support for subsequent corporate strategic changes or tactical adjustments.


Case Study

AUZ EcoTrade, is an international trading company headquartered in Melbourne, mainly engaged in high-end building materials trade between Australia, New Zealand and China. Due to years of operation, it has used a lot of office software and customer management software, but because it is a phased construction, there is no Overall planning, as the scale of enterprise operations becomes larger and larger, the overall workflow and efficiency, including customer management security, cannot keep up with the development. Through frequent face-to-face communication with customers, WeBOOST has designed and developed a fully customised CRM system to effectively address customer pain points, improve customer work efficiency, reduce invalid labour consumption, and more importantly, solve customers' core data security Sexual issues have been highly recognized by customers.



In addition to the technical difficulties, the biggest difficulty in the development process of the customer relationship management system is to dig deeper into the real problems of customers in actual work, and then start the system construction, otherwise the blind development of more function points will not be practical Solving the problems encountered by customers in enterprise management, on the contrary, increases the trouble for the majority of employees and adds a lot of extra work. WeBOOST is people-oriented, fully studies customer needs, and provides customers with tailor-made and efficient information solutions.

The key to the success of the customer relationship management system is not only an in-depth understanding of the industry, but more importantly, the selection of a suitable IT development team, and the local team is undoubtedly the best solution, because the local team is more familiar with the process of local business operations In addition, the construction of the system is not done once and for all. Only by choosing an on-call local team can we ensure timely problem repair and long-term maintenance in the later period.

There is no fixed development cost for the customer relationship management system. The overall development cost depends on the functional requirements and complexity of the project. Considering the overall project development cost, including early communication design, mid-term development and testing, and later on-line maintenance, the local The service fee of the Chinese team is undoubtedly the best cost-effective, and it is obviously better than the Chinese team.


Timely Support & Long-term Maintenance By Local Professional Team

Development is only the first half of creating the system software, and the maintenance which is the second half cannot be neglected for the successful use of a system. WeBoost's follow-up maintenance service not only covers common fault repairs, but also covers regular upgrades and new functions to ensure that the company's systems can keep up with the development of the company and ensure it stands out from their competitors.

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