Energy Cloud Australia

Energy Cloud Australia is a new energy company founded in Melbourne in 2015. The company’s mission is to provide professional renewable energy solutions through innovative technology and an internet-driven business model, aiming for a natural and green way of life and social operation. WeBoost developed a client app for Energy Cloud Australia with the aim of providing customers with greater stickiness and satisfaction.

The app adopts green as the main color, representing energy conservation and environmental protection. The overall design style is bright and concise to avoid customers’ rejection of complex professional data. The app aims to provide users with the most critical data in a simple and direct manner. The design uses colorful charts as much as possible to present a user-friendly interface.

real-time data

Through the app, users can view the real-time electricity production and actual usage of their solar energy system. The app displays the electricity generated by the solar energy system and the consumed electricity in real-time data, allowing users to monitor the solar panel’s operating status and make adjustments promptly to save energy.

power generation details

This app also provides customers with the power generation details of their solar energy system. Users can view the solar panel’s power generation situation through the app, including daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly power generation statistics. Through this information, customers can better understand their solar energy system’s performance, make necessary adjustments and maintenance to improve it.

Equipment Status

In addition to real-time electricity usage data and power generation details, the app also provides customers with the equipment status function. Users can check their solar energy system’s real-time equipment status, such as the inverter, battery group, etc., as well as alarm information through the app.

This information helps customers better understand their solar energy system’s operating status, quickly identify problems and perform maintenance to ensure the system’s stable and long-term power generation.

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