Market Your Business on Google – SEM/PPC

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Pay Per Click (PPC), puts your business higher than any relevant search result with paid advertisement on search engines to push traffic within a short period of time. PPC puts your budget to good use with accurate relevancy to your target audience as a stable marketing investment.

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WeSEM Service

Google Search Ads

Rank your website on top of everyone with accurately placed advertisements on top of relevant searches. Be seen the first to reach the first.

Google Display Ads

Show your advertisement on YouTube, Facebook and all supported websites to promote your business across a large population. Exposure is key.

Google Shopping Ads

Take your online shop further onto major platforms that customer can click-and-buy in no time. Time is money.

Google ads experts

Worldwide Coverage

Google and its advertising network covers 90% of Internet users with the largest population coverage of search engine.

Pencil-Tip Accuracy

Supported by big data to accuracy place the ads to relevant stakeholders to market only to those interested.

Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time results on ad performance to adapt to market trends while enhancing in the long-term to widen its effectiveness.

Mad Max Efficiency

Only displaying ads to potential customers while only paying for click to maximise your marketing budget.



Our talented team offer insights to your business and Google Ads to marry the characteristics together for a comprehensive campaign. Oh, they are local as well so you can speak to them directly for progress updates.

Tailored experience

We never treat two businesses indifferently for an experience fits just right for your business. We take on your knowledge and insights to your business to translate them into a unique campaign, just for you.

Don’t spend too much

Marketing can be costly, not with us. WeBoost offers competitive pricing so you spend less of your budget on marketing but more capital on your business.

Time is money

Every second counts online with 65,000 searches every click of the second hand. So we take the time schedule seriously for your business to start reaching as soon as possible.

Google is your best friend

As the leader of search engines, ads investment spent on Google can return, on average, USD$2 for every USD$1 with its worldwide data base and artificial intelligence. Let us help.

Our Process


Understanding your business

Every business appeal differently. In order to tailor the ads specifically to your business, market research sets the keystone to success.


Research for keywords and audience

Identifying and choosing of keywords is just as crucial as finding the right audience to display your ads to the right demographic at the right time.


Make it real

Building from previous steps, an account and ads are set up with targeting and tracking enabled to begin a revolutionary marketing campaign.


Report and analysis

A monthly report will reveal how your ads are performing every month with suggestions to improve when needed.


Test and optimise

There is no golden rule in marketing. Thus, trial and error continues along the campaign to ensure your ads performing adequately.

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