If you would like to enter the Chinese market during and post- COVID-19 pandemic era, the Chinese social media platform, RED, is the tool that you should never miss.

RED marketing

RED marketing with WeBoost saves you from extra work to study the Chinese consumer in Australia. WeBoost team helps you to lay a solid foundation for starting your digital marketing journey. We discover your brand’s position, target the right audience and provide you top-notch copywriting service on RED.

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Why Should I Start RED Marketing?

RED is a social media platform that Chinese share their lifestyle. They also use it to check products and service reviews before making consuming decisions. By the end of 2020, there are 21% overseas active users in RED, of which 6.8% are living in Australia. It is an indispensable promotion platform for businesses that would like to reach Chinese consumers.

Unlike the other platforms, RED users are more willing to create content. 63.63% of the total users are active bloggers. Most of them are both fans and influencer themselves, as a result, influencers’ fans in RED are more sticky than other platforms.

During the special lockdown period, people must stay at home most of the time. RED has become a major life-sharing platform for Chinese users in Australia to connect with each other. It is not exaggerated to say that if you miss the chance to direct your brand to Australia-based Chinese active users on RED during the pandemic, you are missing the golden opportunity to connect with your Chinese customers.

What Can We Do for You on RED Marketing?


We help customers to register their RED account and complete the setup of a professional official account in one stop.


WeBoost team will work with you to discover your brand’s potentials in the Chinese market by analysing your targeted market and its competitors.

Building up an understanding of your business will help us to step on related hot topics in the community and create content base on your business goal, including but not limited to generate leads and traffic.


WeBoost team conduct research before any copywriting. We aim to produce content that can arouse users’ resonance and curiosity. Ultimately, achieve the campaign objective.


Our professional shooting team will help you to brainstorm some fresh concept for your campaign. We produce high-quality photos and videos that catch the eye of users.

Our Edge

Our Australia based Chinese team knows the local market and your targeted customers

Our Australia-based Chinese team members are all active users of RED that can provide the best approach to your marketing campaign, ranging from planning to Copywrite. We actively engage with the RED community, study the algorithm and explore the method to drive conversion.

Personalise campaign

We create personalised marketing campaign for each customer. Our active listening approach ensures the flexibility to adjust based on your business performance. We care about your ROI as much as you do.

One-stop digital marketing service

Even though you may have the best product in the market, they need to be spread by word of mouth. We have a strong influencer connection that can speed up your collaboration with influencers. Integrate your brand experience by kicking the start of a powerful influencer marketing campaign and content marketing campaign today!

No binding contract, relying on service to win word of mouth.

WeBoost has no binding contract for all marketing services. We believe that your high-performing marketing result is the best contract. Word of mouth is the key to our extensive development.

FAQs of RED Marketing

01. Is it mandatory to register a business account to promote on RED?

Whether or not to register a RED business account depends on the current needs of your business. WeBoost will personalize your RED promotion campaign according to your goal. Although RED business account has fewer restrictions on marketing, it is very difficult for businesses to weaken their “advertisement” nature. It is more important to use the right promotion strategy for achieving better results.

02. Can overseas enterprises verify their RED business account?

Sure! All you need is to prepare the enterprise registration certificate, the official letter of certification and the supplementary qualification requirements for entering the industry (please contact us for more details). One thing to highlight is that you should not miss the valid application and appeal period of your RED account. Otherwise, you will be judged as a failure of certification and waste the service fee.

03. What if my RED account is being banned or blocked?

As more traffic activities happen in RED, its community rules are getting stricter. Your account will be banned or even blocked if you are not using it carefully. The first banning period would be 48 hours and the second time will last for 7 days. Your account will be permanently banned if you reach the 3 times banning limit. If there are too many reports, the system will directly block the account. Therefore, businesses would rather outsource their RED marketing management to a professional agency. Once the account is blocked, it is difficult to get them back even if the business tried to appeal to the platform.

04. How long will it take to see the result on RED marketing?

According to different product or service fields and consumption habits of different consumers, it takes different times for RED to promote and see the effect. For a relatively new industry or brand, RED needs to improve its market awareness in the early stage of promotion. For the highly competitive market, we will dig out the product features and find the market segments on RED, thus generating sales transformation. For more information, please contact us for a one-on-one consultation.

05. What are the characteristics of RED marketing?

RED’s unique active search mode and recommendation algorithm greatly enhance the accuracy of fans. RED’s algorithm ensures that high-quality content will be continuously pushed to users.

RED has a large scale of young customers that are willing to try new products and strong in consumption power. Those users are particularly active in food, fashion and beauty industry. Its large overseas user base and strong user stickiness can help the brand to maximize exposure and popularity.

06. What are the shortcomings of RED?

You have to actively engage with the community continuously to ensure the account’s ranking.

The content surveillance of RED platform is stricter than all other Chinese social media platforms. Once the account is suspected of violating regulations and being restricted, it will be difficult to reactivate.

RED platform has its online shopping mall. If the brand products compete with the products it sells, it will also affect the promotion and exposure of the brand.

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