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Local SEO

Data shows that 97% of users have searched for local businesses online, and nearly one-third of users search for local businesses at least once a week.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is used to improve the user experience of the website by understanding the local customer base and local market, thereby improving the ranking of the website in the search engine results, and making the website appear in front of the target customers for the first time. Whether the website is a restaurant, supermarket, clinic, barber shop, clothing store, if you only serve customers in a certain location, then local SEO will be your best choice.

Optimised for local market content

A high-quality website content can not only create a professional image of the enterprise to gain the trust of customers and encourage customers to further consult their services or purchase products, but it is also an important channel to show the credibility of the enterprise to search engines, thereby improving the search ranking of the website.

The most important part of a local SEO

It is to optimise the text content of the website through the understanding of the local market. This can be done by integrating the unique advantages of the enterprise and improving the attractiveness of the website to customers by displaying pictures or videos.

strategic keywords

Set keywords according to local customers

Strategic keyword setting and placement can effectively help search engines understand which website to recommend a website from a searched result containing keywords. This can also help companies reach more potential customers. For local SEO, selecting the appropriate featured keywords that customers are likely to type is the key to successful traffic increase and improving website ranking by the search engine.


By studying local customer groups, WeBoost will help companies draw customer portraits, help companies select high-frequency search terms of local customers, and not miss any conversion opportunities.

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