The ultimate goal of WeBoost is to make IT services affordable and available to everyone.
To achieve that goal, we endeavor to connect your business directly onto the Internet and
bolster your business appearance in the online market.

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WeBoost is a Melbourne based IT company. We specialise in Web Design, Web Development, WeChat Mini Program and Mobile APP development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Large Scale customized systems development (CRM, ERP, etc). All our projects are designed, developed and maintained by our Australian local team who provide high quality work and streamlined customer experience.

Office of WeBoost – In a mere 18 months, WeBoost has grew into an office of 20 talents working to offer a holistic IT solution to your business.

People behind Weboost
Yongjiang Zhang


Jacey Zhang

Business Development

Alice Nie

Account Manager

Angel Lee

Account Manager

Kurt Huang

Senior Web Developer

David Zheng

Web Developer

Cyrus Xu

Senior Web Developer

Michael Ye

Web Developer

Ting Li

Senior Backend Developer

Jialin Yang

App Developer

Ryan Zhao

App Developer


App Developer

Jacob Cheng

SEO Manager

Peter Xu

SEO Developer




Project Analyst

Emily Shih

Visual Designer

Poppy Zhang

Visual Designer

Harry Liu

Finance Officer

Our team is honest, reliable, diligent and constantly passionate about technologies,
which enables us to deliver top IT services, worry-free project supports and
maintain the continuation for our healthy relationship.

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Our talents are always ready to help on your IT needs. Talk to one of our friendly staffs to see how WeBoost can benefit your business.

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