SEO helps your website to rank higher on Google. Capitalise the “searching” intent to get more traffic to your website, boost brand image and get more leads. Reach potential customers earlier than your competitors.

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On Page SEO

The impression from website is the impression to your brand for both actual visitors and Google bot. Our on page SEO optimises your website. So it is more likeable to Google and your visitors.

Off Page SEO

Build a relationship with third-party websites and get better expertise, authority and trust (EAT) to your website. The more links you build, the more significant your website seems.

SEO Copywriting

We write quality contents for your website while adapting to search ranking factors. For content marketing, SEO or user experience, copywriting is never a part that should be missed.

Local SEO

Be better than other local businesses online. Get shown earlier to potential customers when they look for related products or services in the surrounding area.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, gives your business an advantage by ranking higher in Google search results. SEO relies on a range of factors, including site content, site loading speed, internal & external connections to demonstrate the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of a website. By optimising multiple aspects of a website, the ultimate goal of SEO is to enhance the ranking of website according to specific keywords.

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How Google Search Works?

On average, Google receives over 63,000 search queries per second every single day, 3.8 million per minute, 5.6 thousand million per day and 2 trillion searches per year. But everyone searches differently. While one might search for SEO Agency in Melbourne, the other might be SEO Melbourne. Therefore, the highly intelligent algorithm of Google accounts over 200 factors to offer a result in a tenth of a second. These factors include the quality and relevancy of content, the links within your domain, links to third-party websites, the traffic to your website, the duration per stay on your website and so much more.

All in all, these factors come down to the basics of human need, or EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Much like branding, this asserts the status of your website amongst the others in offering insightful and beneficial information to the visitors.

For us, search engine optimisation is more than helping your website to rank better. We take care of the entire experience in using your website, including site loading speed, site response time and user-friendliness, with data supported by tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush, to enhance the overall user experience of your website, also the utopia of the best website in Google.

Our SEO Talents

Our SEO team has multiple years of experience working with multiple major businesses in Australia with huge success. We cooperate with a diverse range of customers ranging racially, linguistically and culturally to offer the same trialled and tested SEO service. The two-way communication between us and our clients allows us to understand the need of your business and provide a tailored SEO strategy. Over the course of our close collaboration, our creativity, passion and expertise will not only guide your website to a better ranking but also suggest new business strategies with valuable information from our data analysis.

The team of SEO experts in WeBOOST includes SEO strategists, data analysts, website developers, copywriters, on-page specialists and back-link specialists to manage and optimise every aspect of your website. With continuous learning in link building, content optimisation, site speed enhancement, branding and digital marketing, we now offer more than search engine optimisation service but a holistic digital marketing service capturing Google Ads and social media.

Our team of SEO talents are ready bring your business to new levels. Contact us now to get a head start.

Beat The Rest

71% of searchers click on results on the first page, while the second and third page only have a combined 6%. If you are not on the first page, where do you want to be?

At The Right time

Searching is almost always done at the customers’ time of need. Higher ranking helps you to solve their need before anyone does.

Get More Exposure

Sometimes it’s not about instantly getting a sales. Like traditional advertising, more exposure on relevant search improves your brand awareness and gives more potential leads.

Holistic Enhancement

SEO is more than technical upgrades but also benefitting to the experience of your customers at your website. Longer browsing duration not only helps your ranking, but also encourages sales.

Our Process


SEO Proposal

Before beginning SEO, we start with a competitor analysis on their website traffic, keyword search volume and ranking to build one or more strategies.


Keyword analysis

The first and most crucial step for SEO in finding the search volume, ranking and competition of possible keywords.


Web structure analysis

Market and behavioural analysis to amend web structure for clear yet unique presentation.


Menu and page optimisation

Fundamental SEO to enhance menu and relevant pages, including page title, meta title, image alt tag and internal links.


Content and link update

Regular updates and backlinks are key to SEO by reviewing contents and building backlinks to build a reputation.


Monthly report

Monthly reports for customers to understand web traffic and ranking differences with modifications to strategy like including potential keywords to boost the ranking of your website.

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