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Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization covers all aspects of website optimization to improve user experience and search engine performance. We include conversion optimization in our SEO to ensure leads and sales growth alongside keyword ranking improvement.

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On Page SEO

On page SEO focuses on improving the user experience of a website, including loading speed and content, to improve search ranking.

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Off Page SEO

Off page SEO focuses on building back links which is seen as a vote of trust by search engines and helps improve search ranking.

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SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting improves written content on a website to enhance search keyword relevancy and encourage customer retention.

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Local SEO

Local SEO improves the ranking of a business in nearby areas and encourage customer visits to the physical store.

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We Optimize Your Website Conversion

Our search engine optimization covers not only search ranking but also website conversions to ensure your investment in SEO can be realized in increased sales and conversions.

Simplified Conversion

Shorter conversion pathway to improve conversion rate

Lead Generation

Better user experience effectively encourages inquiries


Improve User Experience

Search engine optimization is more than just improving search ranking but enhancing the browsing experience. These aspects include site loading speed and button responsiveness to encourage user interaction with businesses and lower bounce rate.


Increase in Page Views


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Enhance Website Exposure

Our search engine optimization works on all aspects of a website, such as title, meta description, and URL structure, to improve its ranking on search engine results page. And it helps to build inbound marketing to reach more potential customers.

First-Page Keywords

Over 70% of search clicks went to websites on the first page

Increase Visibility

Free website and brand exposure through organic search


Increase Traffic to Website

Using search engine optimization can lead more users to a website, increase website visits and the resulting interaction with brands. Our experience in SEO has significantly improved traffic to our clients' websites.


Increase in First-Page Keywords


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Users


Our search engine optimization can be flexibly tailored to different businesses according to their needs and goals. We have different packages to suit all your needs, please contact us for more details

Search engine optimization can effectively help businesses to get more leads from the Internet. SEO is a key aspect of inbound marketing to reach customers when they are looking for similar businesses.

Website ranking is judged solely by search engines and out of our control. Google has specifically written 'no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.'

While SEO is a great starting point, digital marketing should also cover paid search, display advertising, social media marketing, and more to maximize the online reach of a business.

Why Choose WeBOOST?

We Are Experienced

Our SEO team has years of experience increasing search rankings and web traffic for numerous businesses.

Affordable Pricing

Our flexible SEO pricing helps businesses boost rankings and reach more online customers.

Detailed Management

Our attentive SEO team handles each website, offering Australia-targeted services to help businesses achieve online marketing goals.

Tailored Service

Our SEO team crafts personalised strategies for each business, focusing on improving search rankings and driving online visibility effectively.

All You Need to Know about SEO

Definition of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method to improve the search engine ranking of a website. It is performed through understanding the ranking pattern of search engines, how search engines scrape the content of a webpage, and how to rank a webpage for specific keywords.

Search engine optimization uses methods that help websites to rank better on search engines. These search engine optimization techniques are done specifically to improve the organic ranking of websites. Higher organic ranking helps to increase traffic to websites and improve the sales and marketing abilities of websites. The high organic ranking also aids the online branding of a business.

The concept behind most SEO techniques is to enhance the user experience of a website and match the search intent of users. These techniques will help websites to be indexed and ranked higher on search engines.

SEO does not only focus on search engine ranking but also the development, structure, and maintenance of websites. It is crucial for website design, website development, and marketing individuals to understand the importance of SEO and involve the techniques in their work.

1. On-page optimization

On-page search engine optimization refers to SEO techniques performed on the website. Common on-page optimization categories include tag optimization, content optimization, and URL optimization. For e-commerce websites, on-page optimization also includes product purchase optimization and payment security. All on-page optimization techniques build on improving user experience to improve expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) of websites. By improving the EAT of websites, it can improve the online brand image which helps improve sales.

Some of the techniques include: 404 pages, website structure, internal links, website tags (title, keyword, and description), website dead links audit, sitemap setup, webpage authority distribution, and hardware optimization.

2. Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization is basically building backlinks. Off-page optimization is a general term to describe backlink building and brand promotion on third-party sites. The quality of the backlinks can greatly influence the keyword ranking of a website. However, the content, update frequency, and website structure is more crucial to maintain a steady search engine ranking.

Backlinks help website ranking, exposure, and traffic. Google and other search engines see backlinks as a vote of trust. Generally, the more votes (backlinks) a website has, the easier a website gets recommended for relevant keywords. Through backlinks, search engines also check links on a known website to discover new content. Therefore, having backlinks on popular websites can encourage search engines to discover your website. A backlink can also help bring traffic to your website through the link.

3. SEO Copywriting

Copywriting of a website helps to demonstrate the expertise of a website to search engines and if a website can offer valuable information to visitors. Website content optimization can help to increase keyword relevancy, categorize information and improve information search.

4. Local search engine optimization

Local search engine optimization (local SEO) builds a relationship between a website to a location on search engine. This helps businesses to be recommended when users search for relevant products or services nearby.

Local SEO is crucial for Australian businesses, especially for the search engine map ranking. Due to the huge geographical span of Australia, Australians hugely rely on Google Maps to look for nearby businesses, including fresh produce, restaurants, bars, and petrol stations.

Furthermore, Google review helps users to understand a business before their visit. A negative Google Review can reduce website traffic by 23.61% in a week. Therefore, local SEO not only consider the ranking on Google Map but also take cares of negative reviews. Australian business owners have commented that a negative Google Review might not affect big names, such as Maccas, but small businesses will be seriously impacted.

The aim of SEO

Search engine optimization is a holistic service that covers website development to website maintenance and operation. The entire process of building a website should align with the intention of improving search engine ranking.

1. Increase website traffic

The most common target of search engine ranking is to improve search engine ranking to get more website traffic. For such purpose, websites should follow the principles listed by search engines. The optimization spans across coding, content, and links on a website. These optimization techniques can help to improve search engine ranking, increase traffic and exposure.

2. Improve user experience

Other than increasing traffic to websites, search engine optimization also considers the function, structure, and interactiveness of a website. These aspects can meet the needs of the users and enhance the experience of the users.

There is a lot more user experience optimization. To sum up, websites with great user experience help users to quickly find the information that they need. Some of the common techniques include website layout for better direction, simpler use of website functionalities, quicker loading speed, and richer information.

3. Improve conversion rate

Search engine optimization can help improve conversion rates and bring better benefits to businesses. Some SEO agencies overly focus on keyword ranking and user experience that they neglected conversions. Despite ranking improvements, the benefits of search engine optimization cannot be realized.

As the Internet landscape of Australia is more mature than other Asia-Pacific countries, Australian users have higher expectations of user experience. Therefore, conversion optimization is more important for Australian websites.

The advantages of SEO

1. Cost efficiency

Click-through traffic brought by search engine optimization, unlike Google Ads, will not cost any money to websites.

2. Keyword stability

The keyword ranking by search engine optimization is very stable and lasts longer. It helps to establish online brand awareness.

3. Build brand awareness

The stable ranking on search engine helps to build constant brand exposure. This helps to build confidence in the searchers.

4. Higher visibility

Searchers now tend to trust organic results more than Google Ads. Search engine optimization helps to increase organic traffic to a website. Organic traffic is often considered more genuine users.

5. Wide coverage

When one keyword ranked high, the ranking of relevant long tail keywords will increase as well. Therefore, the focus on one particular keyword can increase ranking for a range of similar keywords.

6. Better user experience

White hat SEO techniques do not make changes just to match ranking factors of search engines. Instead, search engine optimization shall follow 'what users like equals what search engine like' to improve user experience.

Strategy of SEO

SEO strategy is done by constant execution, conclude, review and revise to create and combine techniques to improve search engine ranking of websites. SEO relies on experience, foreseeing, innovativeness, and technique to create effective SEO campaigns.

Website optimization is done to improve website exposure to search engines. By matching relevant information, search engines determine the trustworthiness of websites and decide if it will recommend websites to users.

First step: Understand search behaviours and search intent

Each search engine has different focuses when determining search engine ranking. Therefore, before beginning search engine marketing campaigns, it is crucial to understand if this search engine can reach your targeted audience.

Similarly, it is also important to understand how your audience make their searches. Do they commonly search by computers or mobile devices? Do they type in their search queries or they ask with smart devices? How your target audience make their queries will impact the search engine optimization campaign for your website.

Finally, it is vital to understand how your audience speaks. As smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular, the related voice search should be considered as part of your search engine optimization campaign as well.

Second step: In-depth optimization

Search engine optimization is not just about page content. When considering the details of an SEO campaign, all structural and non-structural content have to been optimized for better campaign effectiveness.

Third step: Choose an ideal URL structure

For an effective SEO campaign, only performing keyword audit is not enough. A carefully created URL structure help to build a solid base for SEO.

Our unique SEO strategy

As the Asia-Pacific leader in digital marketing, SEO strategy for other countries might not work for Australia. WeBOOST follows the latest search engine optimization trend and makes changes to our SEO strategy. Our up-to-date method helps businesses to compete in the Australian market. Our team of SEO specialists is experienced in optimizing Australian websites. And they have helped Australian and international businesses to get great results in search engine.

To maintain the results of our search engine marketing campaign, our local Australian team manages the most influential parts of your SEO campaign hands-on. We do not rely on interns and part-time staff to provide our service. While it increases our cost, it helps our clients to reach the optimum result and get on-time feedback.

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