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Mobile Application Development

We help businesses develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, and WeChat to improve customer experience and enhance organization workflow.

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We Help You to Bring Your
Ideas to An App

Our design process begins from understanding your goals and aspirations and realise them in the application. Our application design and development are fully customizable to actualise any of your idea.

E-commerce App

App that not only to sells but also builds loyalty.

Social Media App

A place to exchange ideas and encourage traffic.

Entertainment App

App to stream videos and deliver insightful information.

Customized App

Build functionalities to provide unique experience

Place Your App on The Right Platform

Choosing the correct platform helps to reach the right target audience. Our unique development process can translate your app for all platforms with no hassle.

iOS/Android App

App that can be used on the most popular mobile operating systems and reach a massive audience.

Wechat Mini Program

App in the most popular Chinese social media to reach Chinese-speaking demographics across the world.

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UX design of mobile applications

User Oriented Application Design

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Smart UX Strategy & Solution

We have created an intelligent method to improve user experience of application, enhance user interactions, and optimize user conversion through iOS & Android application.

Simplifying Your Business Ideas
Into An Elegant Solution

iOS & Android Applications
iOS & Android Applications

Melbourne Based

In house development team to improve communication and instantly solve your lingering issues.

Experienced Team

Our team has over 10 years of experience in designing and developing quality applications.

IT Support Service

Our 2-hour response guarantee during working hours ensures any issue is solved as soon as possible.

Customized Functions
For Different Needs

We build various functionalities into applications for businesses to provide a tailored mobile experience to customers. Our previous projects cover the following industries:

iOS & Android Applications

Application Maintenance
and Support

Our IT maintenance and support services all aspects of your new application. Our 2-hour response guarantee (during working hours) make sure all problems are quickly solved.

Dedicated Service

Every application is assigned with a dedicated account manager as the point of contact. So, you will be well taken care of.

Extended Warranty

You can choose to extend the warranty period of your application at a discounted price. And it also includes app updates.

WeBoost IT Company


01. How much does an application cost?

Our application development starts at $3,000. But the final cost of designing and developing an application varies depending on the style and features.

02. How long does application development take?

Most of our application projects take about 3 months from start to finish. Our project management team use a parallel process to improve efficiency and quality.

03. What can I customize for my application?

Everything. All our applications are customized to your goals and needs. But you can also choose a template to begin with to keep cost down.

04. How to increase application adoption?

Application adoption relies on a range of factors, including brand trust and loyalty. Our digital marketing helps build brand awareness campaigns to improve adoption.

WeBoost IT Company in Melbourne

Why Choose WeBoost?

We Are Experienced

Our team of designers and developers have over 10 years of experience in developing stunning websites.

Affordable Pricing

Great websites do not have to be costly. Our competitive pricing makes website more accessible.

Detailed Management

Our project management team ensures your website is delivered on-time in excellent quality.

Tailored Service

The entire design and development are managed by a dedicated account manager from start to finish.

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