Google Shopping Advertisements

Ads with product image, price and ratings

Shopping ads are advertisements for ecommerce websites to advertise on Google and gain more traffic and sales.
If you are selling products with better pricing, shopping ads help to create huge advantage compared to your competitors.

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Advertisement for Ecommerce

A whole new world~ (cough) sorry.
Google shopping ads take advantage of the viral eCommerce platform to merge its search results with online product search to showcase your products.

Direct visitor traffic

Google’s official shopping searching platform markets your brand and product right towards those who are searching for such items. From image, name to price, the complete information package engages double the amount of customers than minimal word advertisements.

Dig deep to potential customers

When users are searching but undecided on a purchase intention, shopping ads showcase a range of highly relevant products to pre-target potential customers, which translates to deep coverage with keyword searches.

Great advertisement outcomes rely on detailed preparation, analysis and targeting, sensitivity to data and its associated analytical skills. WeBoost are professionally leading among the field to give your business an immense push to success.

Complete and detailed data analysis report

Number quantifies the product promotion result for you to understand your competition, but Google also offers tools to scour opportunities to grow.

Highly efficient ROI

Google Shopping ads show to audiences who already expressed some form of interest. As compared to word ads, these passively targeted ads lower the cost of conversion by 20-30%.

But, why WeBoost?

No more technical difficulties

Setting up an ad is harder than it seems. Setting up targeting and embedding your eCommerce shop require technical expertise and time, or we can do those all for you.

All-rounded solution

The intelligence of Google meant it look for more than just monetary bids (so, is that smart? It depends). But we get around that with a holistic solution including website enhancements to ensure your ads being shown,

Innovative marketing

Having options online meant customers are likely to leave your website with items in cart. So we exploit the “remarketing” option of Google to get them back to your store.

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