Areal Property is located in Box Hill, focusing on real estate services, providing house sales, property leasing and management services for domestic and foreign customers. In 2019, MicroCisco developed a set of property leasing management system, which was officially launched in 2020. Since its operation, it has greatly eased the problems encountered by customers in the process of property leasing management, such as housing management, tenant management, lease management, warranty management, and bills. Management and other operational issues have achieved the informatization of the entire process. Through authority control, multiple perspectives on a platform have been realized, allowing owners and company management to monitor the situation of all properties under their jurisdiction in real time without leaving home, which has also greatly improved Improve the work efficiency of the property steward, and really help customers achieve work efficiency improvement, customer satisfaction improvement and labor cost consumption.

The overall design of the ATExpress APP does not have too many fashion elements, but more of a simple and clear design style. On the one hand, it is in line with the characteristics of the company. On the other hand, it is mainly to highlight the information of the package, such as in-transit information, arrival at Time, delivery information, billing details, etc.

Order Consolidation Management

During the implementation process of the ATExpress APP, fully considering the actual usage scenarios of users, the function of order consolidation is designed, so that the sender can send packages to different destinations at one time; the management background can automatically send the user to the same destination The combined processing of packages saves users the trouble of sending multiple packages, saves costs, and facilitates subsequent package management and transportation.

Multiple Payment Methods

The vast majority of users of ATExpress APP are concentrated in the Chinese group, so the payment method is more in consideration of the Chinese payment habits, supports WeChat payment, Alipay payment, and also accesses the mainstream credit card payment method, which meets the needs of various payment methods. Payment models for different groups of people.

Real-time Update of Logistics Status

One of the most important functions of the ATExpress APP is to allow users to know the status of their orders in real time. As a parcel logistics user, the real-time status of their parcels is what they care most about. Opening the ATExpress APP, users can grasp the information of their orders in real time without leaving home, which truly achieves peace of mind and peace of mind.

Adapt to the usage habits of local users

Industry-specific custom design

iOS/Android app store marketing

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