Student Mate

WeBoost developed a customised app for a training institution to facilitate student course selection, registration, and payment. The app also helps the school manage student information.

This APP adopts olive green as the main colour, which is a soft and vibrant colour. It not only highlights the professional atmosphere of the school, but also avoids being too rigid, catering to the aesthetic of young students. With a suitable colour scheme and simple and clear interface design, the visual experience of users is more harmonious, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Visa Application

This APP provides a visa application function, allowing users to apply for visas online. Users can submit necessary documents and information through the APP, and track the status of their application in real time.

This function simplifies the visa application process and provides users with a convenient and efficient service.

Tuition Payment

This APP provides a tuition payment function, allowing students to pay their tuition fees online. Students can select their school and program, enter their payment information, and complete the payment process quickly and easily through the APP.

This function saves time and effort for students and helps to ensure timely payment of tuition fees.


This APP provides a point reward function, allowing users to earn points through various activities, such as completing surveys, participating in events, or referring friends. Users can redeem their points for rewards, such as discounts on purchases or exclusive access to events. This function incentivises user engagement and encourages users to continue using the APP.

Adapt to the usage habits of local users

Industry-specific custom design

iOS/Android app store marketing

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