Ugly Orange

Ugly Orange Entertainment is a mobile application developed by WeBoost for Ugly Orange Media Co., Ltd. It has both iOS and Android versions, and combines features such as online movie ticket purchase, latest entertainment news, and uploading and sharing videos/topics, satisfying users’ needs for movie watching and socialising in the film industry.

The Ugly Orange app is designed and developed for users in mainland China, so we mainly consider the user’s usage habits and interface style in mainland China. Since the app integrates many functions such as ticket purchasing, consultation, forum, and e-commerce, unifying different modules into one app with a consistent style was the biggest challenge in the project design.

Screening Voting

Users can create a screening event on the app and invite friends to vote on the time, movie genre, and movie title. Participants can choose their preferred movie from the voting options or create new ones for others to vote on. This feature enables users to quickly decide on movie choices and screening times, facilitating social activities.

Screen Ticket Purchase

Once the user decides on the movie and the screening time, they can directly purchase the movie tickets on the app. The app integrates with Maoyan API, supporting online seat selection, online payment, and e-ticketing, making it convenient and fast. Users can choose their preferred cinema and seats, and once the payment is made, they will receive an e-ticket which can be used to scan and enter the cinema. This feature saves users time and hassle from queuing at the cinema to buy tickets, providing a better ticket-buying experience.

Adapt to the usage habits of local users

Industry-specific custom design

iOS/Android app store marketing

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