WeChat Mini Program Development

Application-like experience within WeChat

We develop WeChat Mini Programs for businesses to offer unique services from the mobile application-like feature of WeChat.
We strategically design and develop WeChat Mini Programs for better user experience to your clients and your employees.

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What’s the difference of WeChat Mini-Program?

Unlike iOS or Android apps, mini-program has a relatively shorter development period and lower cost, which hugely suits all small-to-large firms.

WeChat Mini-Program links with your WeChat official account to convert your followers to customers in an instantly actionable system. While the Official Account acts as a platform of content creation and distribution like Facebook and Instagram, a Mini-Program extends the relationship with your customer to purchase products and services and generate conversions while building a holistic marketing ecosystem to retain your customers.

Mini-program are easily accessible by scanning QR codes, and allow individual messaging and article posting to promote your business through an Official Account. Other than the initial development cost, online marketing after the development of mini-program is close to none, as to increase your overall return of marketing investment.

Why using Mini-program in Australia?

As WeChat getting more viral internationally, Australia already has a massive user base, reaching out of the Chinese-speaking community. Some media outlets have placed WeChat as one of their major marketing channel. For businesses, mini-programs make Business-to-Customer interactions, customer retention and customer conversion more efficient with higher resonance level and loyalty.

Online Shopping in Mini-Program

Relying on WeChat and its massive growth in mini-program users, the integration of WeChat Pay enabled online shopping in WeChat as a competitive solution.

Property development, property rental, forums, car bookings and food delivery services can all be benefitted from in-app payment within the Mini-Porgram.

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Advantages of Wechat Mini Program

Response in a touch

No installation required and a smaller application size meant faster loading time and a much more intuitive and responsive user experience.

Optimised system framework

Contrasting to traditional applications, mini-programs launch and run more intuitively, while being abled to provide more advanced features including group discounts and membership points.

More efficient updates

Rather than requiring the app stores, mini-programs can be updated in the background without the need of user intervention for a more seamless addition of features and functions.

Easier promotion

Mini-program surfs on the waves of intense and immense social traffic in WeChat to reach more customers for a better-spent marketing budget.

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