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The social media app WeChat has been used as their marketing boost.

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There are already many businesses official account.

Every business can open up their own official account on WeChat. In this way, you can post recent news and promotion to your followers every day.

wechat mini program

David Jones and Myer have been using this platform to interact with customers for a long time. Besides the shopping mall, the pharmacy and banks also use this platform to attract Chinese customers.

With the WeChat official accounts the merchant can deploy the mini-program
connected with their brand. In the program, they can do more than promotion but to actually interact with their customers in multi-ways.

What you can do with the official account?

Websites are hugely valuable for start-ups or corporates with limited capital. Other than being cost-efficient, websites are easy to maintain and update as your business grows. Despite static website could not offer online interaction or orders, there are still a number of ways that you could be benefitted.


Sending Articles to followers

The articles can include the branding information, events and promotion.


Interact with followers

Interact with followers


Redirect to official site

The official accounts articles can be shared in the users’ moments which can be viewed by all friends of this users. Through this account, the followers can be redirected to the merchant official site such as the shopping website.

What We Can Do?

We’ll help you to open the official platform in WeChat, and the followings are
the official procedures we would follow.

Official Accounts registration and certification

1. Preparation of application materials

Instruct customers to prepare for application materials.

2. Official Accounts certification step operation

Submit the materials to Tencent official platform for follow-up certification steps.

3. Guidance on remittance to Tencent

Instruct the client to complete the certification fee transferring to Tencent official bank account (as required by Tencent). This is an international bank transfer.

4. Official Accounts name certification

If the customer has special requirements for the name of Official Accounts, we will complete the certification of the Official Accounts name with Tencent when the necessary materials required are complete.

Official Accounts Operation Guidance

1. Official Accounts basic setting guide

nstruct the customer to complete the set-up work of the Official Accounts (basic information setting)

2. Operation guide and instructions

Instruct customers to complete the relevant operations of the Official Accounts, such as publish articles, etc., and provide detailed steps for the operation.

3. Complete relevant settings according to customer needs

According to customer needs, complete relevant settings in the Official Accounts (automatic reply message, article and web link settings, and associated buttons and menu settings)

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