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Advantages of WeChat Mini Program

Based on huge Chinese user traffic dividend, compared to traditional native applications, WeChat has many advantages
such as vary entries via chat rooms, no need for installation, low development cost, easy promotion and so on.

WeChat Mini program Application

Real estate

Property introduction
Inspection Booking
House panorama presentation
Marketing activities
User survey
Interactional message


Menu management
Table booking
Marketing Promotion
Interactional message


Product display
WeChat payment
Customer Service
Order management


Room booking
Room search
Online payment
Room service calling
Booking management
Room management


Service introduction
Online Shop
Online Booking


Online Album
Wedding card
Custom service


Online test
Online course
Online teaching
PTE test
Student survey
Exam result search


Book and Magazine
To-do List and Memo
Music and Movie

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Why choose us?

Experienced Team

With more than 10 years of software development experience in different scales of project throughout Australia, we are devoted to providing professional service to our local clients.

Customized Design

Keep up with the market trend, we design and develop the most commercially valuable mobile apps for our clients, listen to their requirements and provide professional advices.

Efficient Promotion

We track user’s activities and habits to provide feedback to our clients, enabling clients to form more targeted marketing strategies.

Long-term Maintenance

We provide 24×7 service monitoring and maintenance for the best availability and reliability.


Mini Apps vs Native Apps

WeChat Mini Apps give users the seamless experience of a Native App without the hassle of having to be downloaded and installed into one’s device. WeChat Mini Apps are accessible to WeChat’s one billion users via the WeChat app itself. Mini apps have multiple points of entry. You can find your favourite mini apps by pulling down your WeChat homepage or discover new apps by using the WeChat search function. Mini Apps can also easily be shared directly through group chats, meaning apps can be proliferated through friends and family social groups. This ease of access means that spare time, like the time you spend in transit, can be maximised.

Which Industries are best suited to use Mini Apps?

WeChat Mini Apps can be incorporated into any business as it can be used for a variety of purposes from marketing to management. Our growing range of clients come from diverse sectors, including: restaurants and catering services; gyms and training studios, accountants and finance consultants; real estate agents and property developers; training and education; the service industry (housekeeping services and wedding photographers); spas and hair salons, E commerce vendors and more.

Does my business need a WeChat Official Account to operate a Mini App?

WeChat Mini Apps operate independently and do not need to be connected with an Official WeChat Account. However, as Mini Apps can be linked to an Official Account, and Official Accounts enable instant updates to subscribers, being linked to an Official Account does give your Mini App more publicity, enabling it to reach a wider audience.

What kinds of Official Accounts can be linked to a Mini App?

Personal official accounts, corporate and business official accounts, and business customer service accounts can be linked with your Mini App. Personal Official accounts can be linked to a Mini App instantaneously. However, should you require in app payment functions, the app must be linked to a business or corporate official account.

What materials do I need to prepare to pass the TenCent certification process?

WeChat Mini Apps need to be approved by TenCent before they can come online. If you are making a personal mini app, you simply need to provide personal proof of identification. For a business/corporate mini app, you will need to provide your businesses’ registration number and other certifications.

Can Australian Businesses register a Mini App?

Yes, WeChat Mini Apps can be registered under an Australian company. Australian businesses will need to go through a similar process to Mainland Chinese businesses in providing their AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS NUMBER (ABN), business phone bill, and address etc.

Can Mini Apps registered under an Australian business be accessed in China?

Yes, once a Mini App has been approved by TenCent, it can be accessed from all over the world.

Does the Mini App need to have the same name as our Official Account?

No, Mini Apps are managed and administered on an individual account and thus can be named independently from your Official Account. Once approved, a Mini App can be linked to any WeChat Official Account, or not linked to an account at all. However, should you choose to link your Mini App to an Official Account, the Mini App needs to be within the same business parameters as your Official account.

Can the Mini App include an in App Payment function?

Yes, an in app payment function can be built into your Mini App. This is usually done using a third party platform like Royal Pay and PayPal, WeChat Pay and AliPay, Visa and MasterCard. A payment system that does not reply on a third party’s platform can be made, should you require it. However, this will need to be certified by TenCent. This will incur an extra ¥300 RMB registration fee and more paperwork.

How much does it cost to register a Mini App?

Mini Apps made for personal use incur no registration fee. Mini Apps made for Chinese businesses, using Chinese business certifications cost ¥300 RMB to register. Mini Apps made for Australian businesses cost $200 AUD to register. The registration payment is made directly from the business’ account to TenCent. The registration fee includes certification, international accounts handling fee etc.

How much does it cost to make a Mini App?

The cost of making Mini App is usually about 1/10th of the cost of making a native App. We usually categorise Mini Apps into two types: the first being a brochure style Mini App that informs people about your business; the second being an E Commerce style Mini App where a vendor can sell their products. The specific cost of making a Mini App fluctuates depending on the specific needs of your business. Should you be interested in making a Mini App, please contact us for a free quote.

How much does it cost to keep a Mini App running?

Mini Apps operate within the WeChat platform and therefore does not cost extra money to run. We create custom administrator pages for you to manage your Mini App. We also provide system maintenance, bug fixing and 24/7 on call service to our Mini App clients free of charge

What Maintenance Services can you provide?

We provide our Mini App clients maintenance services free of charge. As long as you continue to use the Mini App we created, we will continue to service and maintain the app. Our maintenance service includes fixing bugs, archiving of your Mini App, changing the app’s word content (company/business details and contact information), and even changing the Mini App’s interface.

Do Mini Apps Need a Hosting Server?

Mini Apps themselves do not need a server. However, should you require an administrative webpage to manage your Mini App, we can provide you a hosting service which would be paid on a monthly basis.

How long would it take to make a Mini App?

The creation of the Mini App itself usually takes anywhere between 2 – 4 weeks depending on the content and complexity of the app’s functions. In order to get the Mini App online, it needs to be approved and certified by TenCent, this could take up to 2 weeks. Therefore, it could take between 4 – 6 weeks to create a Mini App and put it online.

How do I promote my Mini App?

Mini Apps have multiple points of access. WeChat Mini Apps could instantaneously be linked into group chats with hundreds of members, utilising social circles as an effective method of promotion. WeChat users themselves can find your Mini App by using the search function in WeChat’s interface. Further, WeChat’s Discover function automatically shows Mini Apps near the user. Mini Apps could also be promoted through users subscribing to Official Accounts and bulletins.

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