The ultimate goal of WeBoost is to make IT services affordable and available to everyone. To achieve that goal, we endeavor to connect your business directly onto the Internet and bolster your business appearance in the online market.

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On Page SEO

Let the AI read better with relevant content to the online user queries. These AIs are like little humans. If they can read it right, they understand your business more.

Off Page SEO

Use optimisation to rank higher in search results, reach more audiences and gain more traffic. The better the SEO, the more benefits you get.

SEO Copywriting

We adapt to the increasingly intelligent Google with high-quality contents to rocket you up the ranking. We specifically organise and write our content for better Google understanding.

Local SEO

Be different to other local businesses online. Promote your products and services at the right time and right location to reach maximum marketing efficiency.


Search engine optimisation, or SEO, takes your business to an advantage point by being shown higher within Google results. Extended period of free organic traffic increases the exposure of the website of your company and migrates to sales conversion.

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Google Search

On average, Google receives over 63,000 search queries per second every single day, 3.8 million per minute, 5.6 thousand million per day and 2 trillion searches per year. The highly intelligent algorithm accounts over 200 factors to offer a result in tenth of a second. These factors categorise into reasonable, disputable and widely-accounted for its impact, including the content and website links.

WeSEO Talents

Our SEO talents have multiple years of experience working with multiple major businesses in Australia and huge success. WeService both local and Chinese businesses to offer quality SEO service with our advantage in language. The two-way communication with you precisely inform us your business and needs as the basis for a tailored strategy. Over the course of accurate advertisement and website improvement suggestions, we spend our creativity and passion to provide state-of-the-art, reputable and highly effective SEO strategy and improvement service.

Our SEO talents are ready to help! Contact us below to climb above your competitors to reach the peak earlier.

Beat The Rest

71% of searchers click on results on the first page, while the second and third page only have a combined 6%. Let the stats talk.

At The Right time

Searching is always done at the time of need. And good ranking helps you reach potential customers at their time of need.

Get More Exposure

Sometimes it’s not about instantly getting a sale. But, appearing frequently on relevant search improves your brand awareness.

Holistic Cnhancement

SEO is more than technical upgrades but also visible to your customers in upscaling their user experience and increase duration of stay at your website.

Our Process


SEO Proposal

Before beginning SEO, we start with a competitor analysis on their website traffic, keyword search volume and ranking to build one or more strategies.


Keyword analysis

The first and most crucial step for SEO in finding the search volume, ranking and competition of possible keywords.


Web structure analysis

Market and behavioural analysis to amend web structure for clear yet unique presentation.


Menu and page optimisation

Fundamental SEO to enhance menu and relevant pages, including page title, meta title, image alt tag and internal links.


Content and link update

Regular updates and backlinks are key to SEO by reviewing contents and building backlinks to build a reputation.


Monthly report

Monthly reports for customers to understand web traffic and ranking differences with modifications to strategy like including potential keywords to boost the ranking of your website.

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