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Local search engine optimization helps local businesses to ranking higher in their local suburbs and get more visits. We manage both local listings and websites to improve online awareness for local businesses.

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Local SEO
Local SEO

Higher Ranking on Google Map

Google Maps is one of the best ways for searchers to discover relevant businesses near where their devices are located. Improving local search ranking, especially in Google Maps, helps increase local exposure of businesses and encourage more store visits.


of Local Searches Become Offline Purchases

Most customers only resort to online purchase if they cannot find the goods locally.


Increase in Local Exposure

Using local SEO can increase exposure in local areas exponentially and bring more customers.

Google My Business

Google My Business let businesses to provide up-to-date information, including special hours and service areas, to customers searching online. Managing reviews on Google My Business also helps to mitigate the negative effects of 1-star reviews.

Local SEO

Online Word of Mouth

Local search engine optimization improves online exposure of a local business. This includes not only the website, but also social media, local forums, and other websites to build content about a local business and enhance reach on search engines.

Mitigate Impact of Negative Reviews

Building online reputation helps defend businesses when unfortunate events occur, or competitors launch malicious attacks.

Trust in User Generated Content

Users tend to trust user generated content more than branded content when they are considering making a purchase.

Local SEO


01. How to rank local SEO?

Like general search engine optimization, local SEO covers various disciplines. As a short summary, improving local SEO relies on providing great user experience online on different platforms to build a positive and great reputation.

02. Who needs local SEO?

Other than fully digital businesses, local SEO is beneficial to most businesses. They include businesses at a certain location, businesses serving a specific area and businesses with multiple store locations.

03. Why local SEO is important to your business?

Local SEO can significantly improve store visits while offering more understanding of your audiences. You can perform local SEO even if your business does not have a website.

04. Other than local SEO, what are the other digital marketing strategies?

While local SEO improves local search ranking, digital marketing should also cover paid search, display advertising, social media marketing and more to maximize online reach of a business.

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WeBoost Melbourne

Why Choose WeBoost?

We Are Experienced

Our search engine optimization team have years of experience in improving local rankings.

Affordable Pricing

Our flexible pricing makes local SEO more affordable to more businesses to growth collectively.

Detailed Management

Our team of SEO specialists carefully manages of local SEO to reach your business goals.

Tailored Service

Our local SEO strategy tailors to different businesses to maximize its effectiveness.

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