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Smartphone Food Order System App Develop – MiFun
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Our new order system app – MiFun has been released!

WeBoost has released a new smartphone online ordering app that allows you to make an appointment number, convenient online payment by easily scanning the QR code, no need to queue up.

Clearly, present the ordering experience of the restaurant menu.

MiFun is an online ordering system designed and developed by WeBoost Pty Ltd. It integrates functions such as finding restaurants, booking number, ordering online, scanning code payment, restaurant operation, etc., aiming at customers and restaurants. Provide a more convenient one-stop ordering meal service. Through a variety of terminals, convenient and intelligent management of orders, view business reports, invoicing management, accurate member marketing functions, so that your restaurant has more repeat customers.

The user interface of the app is simple and intuitive, and the background management is simple and simple, which greatly saves the consumption of human resources. Restaurant reviews timely feedback, adjust menu win at the starting point

Convenient, stable and fast intelligent POS ordering system, highly integrated mobile phone scanning ordering, booking, self-collection, queuing function. Seamless docking through the mobile phone and the cashier. Greatly help merchants save manpower and management costs, thus achieving fine management of restaurants. Customers can also order self-service by mobile, call the waiter and comment on restaurants and other rich features.

Working as a restaurant manager is not easy. The MiFun management system allows you to view business information on each mobile device in real time. Big data analyzes the customer situation, a meeting to fully display the day’s operating conditions, the number of dishes sold, the amount of business, the number of mobile people, you have all the data you need to help you plan the direction.

MiFun automatically receives the customer’s order, so that the front desk receives the order and prints the order for the first time, which simplifies the entire process of ordering.

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