Hybreeze Furniture

Hybreeze Furniture is a furniture brand created for Australian customers, aiming to develop the Australian market. It is a well-known manufacturer with many years of industry experience, mainly producing the highest quality furniture products for North America and Southeast Asia. All Hybreeze Furniture’s online products are customized according to the actual needs and feedback of Australian local customers. It mainly provides sofas, sofa beds, beds and mattresses for various businesses and families.

Hybreeze Furniture is an e-commerce website based on furniture products built with WordPress technology. In terms of design style, it adopts independent personalized design according to customer requirements; in terms of functions, it is mainly divided into front-end display and back-end management. The display mainly includes home page display, product display, product order, user payment, other information pages, etc.; the background management is a powerful management platform based on the Word Press technical framework, which is sufficient to meet the daily management needs of users. It mainly includes product management, order management, customer management, inventory management, marketing management and business reports, etc.









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