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Why has Facebook advertising become more difficult?
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1. Increase of AD cost

Only a small percentage, around 1% to 5%-of people who like your Facebook page will see your updates. It is becoming more and more difficult to get in touch with users free of charge on Facebook.

Fortunately, you can publish advertising on Facebook and Facebook ads manager is user friendly. There are many positioning options, and the advertising manager is very flexible to use. You can choose different kinds of ad formats depending on their campaign objectives and goals.
Although creating an ad does not guarantee that your target audience will click or even see it, you can try different ad types to optimize your ad’s effectiveness. Lately, carousel ads have been growing among Facebook advertisers as it allows advertisers to display multiple products in one advertisement. So that there are more chance to get the audience’s awareness and attracted by your products.

After all, you still need to spend more money to drive traffic. This can range from $5 to $300 to benefit 500 to 50,000 target people.
You can also use advanced goals to reach out to potential customers who are not your social media followers. Facebook’s lookalike audience can help you target your ideal customers. You can use Facebook pixel to generate your website’s lookalike audience and reach those target audience.

If you have done advertisements in the past, please review those advertisements’ result. They help you to establish a benchmark for your upcoming Facebook Ads advertisements campaign and review if you are on the right targeting options. At the same time, you should focus on advertising your company’s current goals instead of sticking to your past goals.

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2. More difficult to understand target audience

The privacy changes brought by Apple’s iOS 14 update increase the difficulty of locating target audience. Facebook is not able to track user behaviour affects the effectiveness of the tracking pixel and all of its implications is severely diminished. This results in inaccurate reporting for conversions all the way down to ineffective remarketing.

In addition, some brands create content first, and then determine the target audience. They have a misconception that great content will be transformed even if it is not targeted. Although good content will attract people, if it is not tailored for your target audience, it may not generate clues.

Use your collected insights to establish personal contact with customers and create more attractive content. You can also create new custom audience in your account using the viewing data. In addition, you can also add value to your community by investing in influencer marketing, you can contact us for a private consultation.

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3. Harder to enhance engagement

The organic influence of leading social platforms is plummeting. Average participation in unpaid branded content on Instagram is currently only 0.31%. The research also shows that if a brand post only once a day, the participation will drop significantly. Fortunately, using free social media management tools, creator studio, can help you automatically arrange your posts and easily share your blog content with Facebook.

If you want to get a lot of participation in Facebook, publishing video ads are the way to bring about remarkable results. The video views can lead you to reach more target audience. Optimize your social content for the right specifications and release time.

All your social content in cross-promotion organically catches more eyeballs, sponsors influential content, and enhances brand awareness. You can also consider using User Generated Content (UGC) as a social proof of your brand’s credibility. Brands can organize giveaways to generate more UGC.

4. Conclusion

Now to make your Facebook page outstanding and attract more audience is easy, simply find your Facebook specialist and let them to help you. Weboost specialise in website design, website development, mobile application development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and more. Contact us today to personalise a social media marketing plan.