Improve search rankings in nearby areas

Google Maps Optimisation

Google Maps optimisation helps businesses improve their search rankings in nearby areas. Google data shows that 78% of users who search for nearby businesses on Google Maps will lead to offline sales, while top-ranked businesses on Google Maps can get 90% of local exposure. The degree of improvement of a business can effectively increase the exposure of the business in the area, and successfully expand the popularity of the nearby area to bring more customers to the store.

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Precisely set the area range

Google Maps is an important way for users to search and find nearby businesses, and the search engine will provide users with a series of suggestions for nearby businesses based on the user's location and distance. Therefore, accurately setting the scope of business services can maximise the acquisition of nearby target customers.


Regularly optimize Google reviews and business information

Google reviews are not only an important judgment indicator for customers to visit stores and choose businesses, but also an important basis for search engines to determine rankings. Search engines will strive to push businesses with higher evaluation scores forward to meet user needs. Therefore, Google reviews, is a very important part of map optimization is to optimize Google reviews to enhance business reputation. In addition, the details of business hours and service introduction content also determine Google's judgment on the credibility of merchants. The more detailed and comprehensive the relevant information is, the more important it is to improve customer experience and improve a website's rankings.


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