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As the social media platform with the largest number of active users in the world, Facebook is an important and integral part of any marketing activities. The monthly active users on Facebook are as high as 2.8 billion. In Australia, 8 out of 10 people use Facebook.

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By advertising on Facebook, you can maximise your products and services to those who are interested in your products and willing to buy your products. Whether your company is a start-up or industry giant, there is no doubt that Facebook advertisements are one of the most powerful marketing methods to grow your customer base right now.


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WeBOOST understands that every customer's business models, and growth stages are all different, and as such have different advertising requirements. Therefore, to achieve significant results from Facebook advertising, the advertising strategy has never been generalised. Whether it is a start-up company that wants to enter the market and enhance brand awareness or a mature company that wants to increase and expand sales, the professional social media marketing team of WeBOOST will conduct comprehensive and effectively communicate with clients to understand the company before placing an official advertisement for each customer. Business content, purpose of advertising and expected results we all be entailed within the service. In addition, we will also conduct sink-type research on the industry and target market of the customer, to formulate an effective advertising plan that best meets the customer's current promotion needs.

We have been working on Facebook customisation solutions for many years.

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Facebook's huge user base is a double-edged sword for marketing. The advantage is that Facebook's high traffic can bring great attention, and it is precisely because of these complex user groups that it is greatly difficult to push advertisements to the eyes of truly valuable users, so professional matters must be left to the professional. Marketing has never been the pursuit of temporary popularity and clicks, but its ultimate goal is converting defined user portraits, and setting up advertisements, so that the customers' advertisements can attract effective traffic with real interest, value and potential to the greatest extent.

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