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E-Commerce SEO

Accumulating as many clicks as possible from potential customers is the most important element for an e-commerce website to achieve significant sales growth.

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Normal Search

Market data shows that more than 40% of e-commerce website traffic comes from search results.

Website Traffic

Nearly 25% of this traffic will place an order generating a conversion of product sales. This conversion shows the importance of improving search rankings.

Revenue Growth

Historical data shows that a well-executed SEO strategy in line with the market of the company can bring approximately 64% revenue growth to e-commerce websites.

Market Opportunity

Therefore, in a highly competitive e-commerce field, whoever seizes the opportunity to utilise SEO will seize an enormous market opportunity over their competitors.

Establish keywords to attract target customers

The keyword configuration of an e-commerce website is different from an ordinary website. An e-commerce website's configuration of its keywords must align with the psychology of the target customers of the product and have a detailed understanding of the product's characteristic. By having a proper keyword configuration and detailed understanding of its products, an e-commerce website can more accurately match the search results of the target customers. As a result, this will allow potential customers to convert and use the e-commerce platform over other platforms due to ease of convenience and product matching search results.

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A perfect integration of user portraits and product content is the biggest difficulty in e-commerce SEO keywords. A more accurate and specific keyword configuration can not only ensure search engines prioritise recommended websites thereby effectively improving website rankings, but also make it easier for search engines to reach a wider range and increase the targeted audience.

Optimise a page content based on product


Revenue Growth

Product pages with high-quality and effective information can not only help users to better understand the product and promote the user's product purchase behaviour, but also optimises the search engine to provide relevant information. This means that when the product-related content is searched, the search engine will be more active and launch relevant product pages for the customer. Therefore, WeBOOST will optimise an e-commerce website's design and text content for customers. This optimisation allows for a more efficient communication and user experience for the, allowing a better understanding of products sold and in-depth research on the market. As a result, the e-commerce website's pages are both beautiful and informative.

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