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Why should we use WordPress for E-commerce websites?
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Do you know WordPress powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites? As a site builder and a content management system, the wide coverage is not only because WordPress is free for downloading and installing, but it has unique features and open source. There are 8 reasons that make WordPress one of the most popular content management systems in the world.
1. Flexible and adaptable for changing needs
2. User-friendly
3. Multiple popular themes
4. Multiple plugins extend the functionalities of websites
5. SEO (search engine optimization) friendly
6. Mobile responsive
7. Add build-in Blogs
8. Offer professional support
If you want an E-commerce website, WordPress is also a great option.

Why use WordPress for our E-commerce website development


Because WordPress has an open source for developers to use and the wide range of developers develop multiple plugins and themes, WordPress can always fulfil the needs of market and users. Besides, many of the plugins are free to be used, which adds even more competitiveness to WordPress. If you use WordPress for your E-commerce website development, you can save not only money but also time for the whole project. In the long run, the open-source can support the maintenance of your website, which is a great benefit you can obtain.

Powerful plugins and extensions

WordPress has many powerful e-commerce plugins. These powerful plugins can fulfil almost all the features you need. Whether you are selling physical products or digital products, you can post products, manage your inventories, and collect your income on your website via the support of the plugins. WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin. It has great extensions to support your marketing promotion, loyalty programs, product customization, and so on. WP eCommerce offers all basic e-commerce website functions, such as shipping, membership and payment functions.

SEO friendly

You may hard the WordPress is SEO-friendly, but do you know why is that? Here are the reasons.
Proper HTML Markup
WordPress creates HTML pages that can be easily understood by search engines. Search engines use their crawlers to find the most relevant result for users after users putting the keywords into the search bar. Proper HTML page markup and structures can help crawlers get the full information of the websites and rank it better.
SEO-friendly permalinks
WordPress can use “beautiful permanent links”. This means the links to posts, articles, and pages can contain keywords so that search engines and visitors know what they are about. Of course, you can control the content of the links.
Title tag and headings
The title of the page (usually wrapped in an H1 tag) is one of the most important parts of page SEO. All the tags and headings provide structure to the information in the content to Google while mixing up the H1 tags with other title tags will hurt SEO rankings. WordPress allows you to set all of these tags and headings without having to manually write the necessary HTML tags, which means you can easily manage the structure of your content.
Images optimization
An E-commerce website has plenty of product images, which makes image optimization an essential work for website SEO ranking. WordPress editor allows users to optimize ALT tags, image descriptions, and so on.
Quick-Loading Site
If you pick a high-quality theme, use a good server and optimize the pictures on your website, you will find WordPress is a great CMS for you to rank better. Do not forget to keep your core technology up to date and have regular database maintenance, a website can not perform perfectly without regular monitoring.

Mobile friendly

WordPress is a mobile-friendly platform. Considering more than 50%of online shopping is typically done via smartphones, a mobile-friendly feature is vital to your business.

Multiple payment options

It is obvious that payment option plays a significant role in online shopping. WordPress supports many different payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and so on. With so many trusted e-commerce payment gateways, you are sure to find one that you would like to use and trust in your own business, as well as one that customers will be able to access easily.
If you have more questions about building an E-commerce website by using WordPress, contact WeBOOST today!