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Announcing WeEat: Food & Grocery Delivery System
WeEat Design Bann

WeBoost is announcing our latest development project named WeEat. Made for restaurants and supermarkets to take delivery in-house, this system aims to offer autonomy to these businesses amongst major delivery platforms and provide more affordable products to their customers.

Introduction to WeEat

The development of WeEat began in November 2019. The team aimed to develop a system that can be used cross-platform while also simplifying management of the system from the business.

Despite the development of the system finished in the worst possible time, we believe this system can be lifesavers for many businesses.

WeEat is a holistic development with everything you can expect from a food delivery system, including product showcase, product categories, language translation, Paypal, Stripe, WeChat Pay and more.

Other features of WeEat include: online menu / customisable food / cash payment / user profile / address management / store description / automatic order generation / coupon

Currently we have 5 different designs template for WeEat adopters in order to minimise the time needed to publish the system. The templates are made for restaurants, beverage shops, supermarkets, hotpots and fresh food. But customisations are welcomed as well.

The platform of WeEat can be launched on website and WeChat H5 Page that covers all devices and platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and even Linux.

From food choice, ordering, payment to order generation, all the processes are automated while packing and delivery will be done by the businesses themselves.

Businesses would not have to worry about hosting and technical difficulties as these aspects are included in the yearly subscription fee of the system.

COVID-19 business grant for online development and digital marketing

Pricing of WeEat

We believe that businesses shall be cooperating during this miserable time. Therefore, we have lowered the subscription price of WeEat to AU$10/day. With economic stimulation grants from certain councils, WeEat can be free for some businesses.

If businesses do not have their domain and WeChat Official Account, our price for setting them up is $20 and $1,000 respectively. (Note: the $1,000 is paid to Tencent as the application fee.)

Marketing support to WeEat

With your WeEat food and grocery delivery system, businesses can also promote their brands with WeBoost’s leading digital marketing service at a discounted price.

Our social media and Google Ads specialists are ready to promote WeEat of different businesses to the masses for those working or staying home.

Contact us

Contact WeBoost today for details of the WeEat system.
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