WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Mini program is like a mobile APP but installation-free.
The utopia of Tencent to replicate the feature of application and create
a contemporary touch to the experience.

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Develop your WeChat Mini-Program

Not like IOS or Android APPs that need huge expenditure, mini-program has a shorter development period and lower cost, which hugely suits small-to-medium firms.

Mini-program links corporate public account with service account to convert its followers to customers. It builds relationships among product, promotional content and service to support a firm in building its ecosystem in retaining clients.

Mini-program are easily accessible by scanning QR codes, and, through public account, WeChat messages and article posting to promote your business. Other than the exponential impression rise, online marketing after finishing the development of mini-program is almost none, as to increase your return of investment.

Why to Employ Mini-program in Australia?

As WeChat becomes more viral internationally, Australia has built a massive user base, reaching out of the Chinese community. Some media outlets have placed WeChat as the first priority for news release. For businesses, mini-programs make B2C interactions, customer retention and customer conversion much more efficient.

Mini-Program Virtual Shop

Relying on WeChat and its massive growth in mini-program users, the integration of WeChat Pay takes online shopping in WeChat to be much more competitive.

Property developers, property rental, forums, car bookings and food delivery services can all be benefitted from it as well.

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Advantages of Wechat Mini Program

Response in a touch

No leading advertisements meant faster loading speed and a much better user experience.

Optimised system framework

Contrasting to traditional applications, mini-programs launch and run better, while offering more features than websites.

More efficient updates

Rather than going to app stores, mini-programs can be updated in the background without the need of user intervention, yet a more seamless add of functions.

Simpler promotion

Mini-programs ride on the waves of great social traffic in WeChat to reach more customers for money well-spent.

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