With 3 million users in Australia and 38% of them are not Chinese speakers, WeChat presents an immaculate opportunities to the wider Chinese-speaking demographic across China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and more.

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WeChat Official Account

Over 3 million users and counting, WeChat Official Account offers your marketing platform to directly engage with your customers and update them reguilarly with your latest products and offers. Talk to them like they are your friend.

WeChat Mini Program

A truly intuitive application experience with no installation needed. With revolutionary features including group buying, membership points redeeming and built-in delivery, customer experience will never be the same.

H5 Page

As one of the most popular marketing strategies in mere years, H5 pages have been crucial in the WeChat ecosystem in product demonstration, online shopping or any imaginable circumstances. Anything you are looking for, it fits.

The number of users adopting to WeChat is growing exponentially every day. As the worldwide Chinese-speaking community across all ages use WeChat as one of their major social media platform, the potential of the platform is extraordinary with big names in the Australian business landscape employing WeChat as one of their marketing channels. The various routes, including Official Accounts, Mini Apps and H5 pages, provide numerous entry points to the rising media platform that you would not want to miss.
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Pin-point your marketing

WeChat marketing targets accurately at the needs of your customer to maximise your marketing budget. Analytics from the massive follower base of your business platform delivers in-depth interests from them and categorise your audience that allow your feed, promotion and sales to hit the bulls-eye.

Support from detailed analytics

WeChat embedded targeted marketing from its start to offer data analytics of follower growth, page traffic and its association with operation, budgeting of online sales, sharing and commenting. All these advance features, just to position your business better to your target demographic.

Information bearing? Unlimited

There is literally no limit of information bearing for users on WeChat. Though posting counts were limited, it significantly induces user interest and internalise a habit of expecting scheduled feed. Extensive information on your public account accumulates with time and follower count to translate into your precious marketing resource.

Multimodal for multiple audiences

Through intimate marketing with private account, societal promotion with public account or mass communication with mini-program, every aspect of WeChat expands to virtual and physical promotions, desktop and mobile collaboration for a unified marketing communication.

Our Process


Detailed analysis

Industry analysis
Competitor analysis
Technical feasibility assessment
System assessment



Customer need analysis
Priority definition
Information framework design
Interface design
Prototype design


UI design

Colour analysis
Design language
Interface design
Icon design and placement
Feasibility test


system development

Framework design
Coding rules and requirements
Development management


testing and delivery

Environmental testing
Closed testing
User testing


updates and maintenance

24/7 monitoring
Regular updates
System redundancy
Abnormalities notification

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