What Is Wechat HTML 5 Page?

In short as H5, HTML 5 benefits your website without the need of plug-ins for multimedia contents. So, goodbye Flash and Java. The dynamic nature of the platform standardized and opened a new structure and platform for the next generation of the World Wide Web, as in Web 2.0. Your website will never be the same with H5.

WeTalents to make these possible

1. Pre-load of website resources

2. Embedded music playing

3. Smooth and responsive scrolling

4. Dynamic wording and photo effects

5. Supports individualised sharing


H5 is here

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Cross-platform support

WeBoost is young but rapidly growing. In a mere 18 months, our Melbourne office expanded from a 3-man office to a diverse team of 30-50 talents while our business grew by 20 times.


Faster start-up and less loading time, all from the benefits of caches. Less files to download also means better for mobile devices with less mobile data needed.

More fun with HTML 5

From sensors, touch control, user interface and content, all forms are cross-referenced to enhance user response and convey brand and product messages along the way.


Promote with something more


Special effects and smooth transitions hugely enhance storytelling to build brand awareness and resonance.

To lure and engage

Responsive nature of H5 adds depth into your website for better user experience and greater attention from them to extend your brand messages.


More dynamic than GoT

Motion plugins allow extensive interactive features, including voting, instant enquiry and sending red packets, to include your customers into your two-way marketing campaign and massively extend its effect.

Focusing on users, more than ever

H5 aims to bring value to users for responses in forms of “likes”, “comments” and “sharing” to resonate with your potential customers through social media, public accounts and other forms of online communication.

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