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Represent Your Brand In Style

Brochure websites showcase company, product and service information of your brand to the massive audience online.
We can build customized features to offer unique service to your customers and enhance customer experience.

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Showcase Your Business with A Website

Just like any physical brochures, but online while websites offer something more. Rich information and gorgeous graphics tell the features and details of the product and your brand. And responsive websites add a pinch of saffron with photos, videos, reactive buttons and navigations for better conversion.

Brochure websites present your product or service in a minimalistic manner to point all lights to your offering. Users can enjoy a limitless experience with such websites as no sign-up or log-in is required to access every single page.

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But why go digital?

Websites are hugely valuable for start-ups or corporates with limited capital. Other than being cost-efficient, websites are easy to maintain and update as your business grows. Despite static website could not offer online interaction or orders, there are still a number of ways that you could be benefitted.


Lowe Cost

Cheap, way cheaper than a dynamic website, especially great for smaller firms.

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Easy Peasy

6! Just 6 pages are enough to offer a ton of information for website visitors.


Increase Awareness

Being online cannot be stressed anymore with online presence and visibility being the key for any companies.


Maintenance Efficiency

Static websites are easier to maintain with a small team, or even just a single staff. As compared to dynamic websites, it means higher maintenance efficiency, less time spent on maintenance and lower cost.


Better Conversion

You can implement SEO in your static website as well, so you rank higher in search engines for more potential customers online searching for their solution.



WeBoost is young but rapidly growing. In a mere 18 months, our Melbourne office expanded from a 3-man office to a diverse team of 30-50 talents while our business grew by 20 times.

WeTalents are elites from the Australian job market forming our dynamic development team, creative design team and expert marketing and sales team. We take pride in our professionalism, passion, skills and experience to offer exceptional experience for you.

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Modern consumers highly rely on the Internet to search for products and service. And the website is your online shop.

Well-designed and functional website with responsive user experience enhanced your brand positioning and build impression and trust among your potential customers.

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