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Server Rental

APPs or websites need servers to support their operations and to provide user interactions. Therefore, servers must have the ability to undertake the required services and ensure a smooth user experience. A smoother user experience will maximise the user experience prompting them to stay on the website longer or promote about their experience to other potential users.

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A high-quality server must not only ensure the speed of pages loading, but also have a strong firewall to provide the ability to resist various network attacks and ensure a stable operation of the website and APP.

The server rental service provided by WeBoost not only provides servers, but also provides corresponding server maintenance services, allowing enterprises to focus their attention on other important matters whilst our team at WeBoost manages and maintains the servers.

We will monitor the background data in real time and back up the background data regularly, so there is no need to worry about freezing or data loss caused by too much stored data.

In addition, as malicious attacks become more frequent and intensified, our team will detect the crisis in time and take remedial measures to ensure the stability of the site and server.

Multiple choices of cross-domain servers

In addition to the performance selection of the server, the selection of the server location is also very important. If a domain name website in one place uses a server that is far away from another place, it will seriously affect the page response speed and content loading speed of the website; deteriorating user experience.

Based on the address of the website domain name and the geographical location of the website users, WeBoost will provide customers with the best server selection to ensure that users in various regions can enjoy smooth and fast website browsing and APP use experience.

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Our team of designers and developers have over 10 years of experience in developing stunning websites.

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The entire design and development are managed by a dedicated account manager from start to finish.

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