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Carefully crafted content for higher keyword relevancy while not loosing appeal

We review and rewrite content to improve keyword relevancy of a website for better search engine ranking.
Our copywriting includes page content, website blogs, and guest posts by experienced SEO copywriters to improve search engine performance.

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Tell a story, but not with Shakespeare’s fancy words

An optimised SEO webpage should feel like a book that unfolds chapter to chapter, to lure in your customers, make them attentive and want to know more about your business. Storytelling is an elegant form of content marketing that has been employed by luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, for years to tell a history that signifies expertise and hugely increase conversion and return of marketing investment.

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Benefits of SEO copywriting

Firstly, ranking

SEO copywriting will not have “SEO” if it can’t improve the ranking of your website, correct? With keywords targeted to how users search, SEO copywriting is written to match their needs.

Establish and extend

A characteristic writing style is the tone and style of communication to represent the persona and character of your company that is expressed to the visitors to your website.

Information in its purest form

At the basis of human communication, however fancy the visuals and experience are, words remain at the pinnacle of efficient and effective information transfer to connect with the visitors.

WeService SEO Copywriting

Talk to our copywriting talents (which is me) about our SEO copywriting service to enhance the content on your website and get higher ranking and better return.

Landing page copywriting

Professionally written landing page copywriting is just a touch more than being interesting, but strategically planned or completely rewritten for the best result in search engine ranking and customer retention.

WeBoost follows every single change of Google SEO to write and edit (and rewrite) SEO contents to convince your customers. Filling webpages with keywords or trash content is not the WeBoost way as we aim to offer high quality content.

Rather than outsourcing writing jobs, WeBoost brought it in-house with professional copywriters (like me) to optimise every word according your business strategy.

Regular updates and consultations on the project are an absolute must as well.

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