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We develop WeChat Mini Program for businesses to offer better services and convert more customers on WeChat.

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Your Business Need A Wechat
Mini Program in Australia

Reach Chinese-speaking Customers

WeChat is widely used for Chinese speakers, including Chinese, Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Indonesians. WeChat Mini Program is a major conversion gateway in WeChat to change followers to customers.


Over 90% of Chinese speakers
in Australia uses Wechat

Wechat Mini Program Development
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The difference Between
Wechat Mini Program & App

Shorter Development Period

WeChat Mini Program requires less time to develop when compared to iOS & Android applications and lowers the cost of development.

Convert Existing Followers

WeChat Mini Program can be linked to WeChat Official Account to convert existing followers to customers with an instantly actionable system.

Based on Wechat Platform

WeChat Mini Program can be used directly through WeChat and does not rely brand loyalty to encourage download to increase adoption rate and conversion rate.

Better Marketing Results

WeChat Mini Program can leverage the closer relationship between brands and customers on WeChat that helps to encourage WeChat Mini Program adoption and return on investment.

We Develop Wechat Mini Program
Across Different Industry

We can customize WeChat Mini Program and its functionalities to suit different businesses and their respective needs for a more individualised experience.

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Enpower Your Business on Wechat Mini Program

6 ways to promote your WeChat Mini Program

WeChat H5 Maintenance
and Support

Our IT maintenance and support services all aspects of your WeChat H5. Our 2-hour response guarantee (during working hours) make sure all problems are quickly solved.

Dedicated Service

Every application is assigned with a dedicated account manager as the point of contact. So, you will be well taken care of.

Extended Warrenty

You can choose to extend the warranty period of your application at a discounted price. And it also includes app updates.

WeBoost IT Company


01. How much does WeChat Mini Program cost?

Our WeChat Mini Program development starts at $3,000. But the final cost of designing and developing WeChat Mini Program depends on the style and features.

02. How long does WeChat Mini Program development take?

Most of our WeChat Mini Program projects take about a month. Our project management team uses a parallel process to improve efficiency and quality.

03. What can I customize for WeChat Mini Program?

Everything. Our WeChat Mini Program can be customized to your goals and needs. But you can also choose a template to begin with to keep cost down.

04. How to increase traffic to WeChat Mini Program?

Traffic to WeChat Mini Program relies on a range of factors, including brand trust and loyalty. Our WeChat marketing service can help to increase exposure and clicks to Mini Program.

WeBoost IT Company in Melbourne
WeBoost Melbourne

Why Choose WeBoost?

We Are Experienced

Our team of designers and developers have over 10 years of experience in developing stunning websites.

Affordable Price

Great websites do not have to be costly. Our competitive pricing makes website more accessible.

Detailed Management

Our project management team ensures your website is delivered on-time in excellent quality.

Tailored Service

The entire design and development are managed by a dedicated account manager from start to finish.

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