business SYSTEM

We use business analytics to gain insightful information which helps you make business decisions and optimise your business processes.

business analytics

Our customised business managing system enables you to excel your business effectively and efficiently. And let you keep track of all types of financial data, personnel statistics, expenses and sales data.


Our Business System helps manage your sales tasks , allowing you to moniter your processes automatically. Our system also assists you measure important indicators such as Lead Time, Gain and Loss Ratios, and Conversion Rates.


Our staff management system enables you to review and manage your employees’ activities and performance.

Sales Chart

This chart allows you to view your staff’s sales performance and predict their sales trends.


This section enables you to view your staff’s personal data and their performance scores.

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Chart allows you to view your clients to revenue conversion more clearly.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback lets you view clients’s satisfaction value over sales staff’s performance.


The Invoicing function enables you to track all your tranactions and financial acitivities.

And Invoice section also provide finance associated indicaiton and predication, offering you needed statistics to assist you with your future marketing stragegy.

client management

Our Client Management function helps to maintain a complete view of your clients including history, activities, documents, and opportunities in one section.


Organise leads lists by geographic location and assign to respective sales and representatives.

Contact organiser

Organise your contacts and customers by grouping them into the same column.


Both external and internal communication is also featured within this system, enabling an instant and seamless send & recieve to your clients, staff and management team.


Inventory is a powerful and important feature within Business Management System, which allows you to manage your Inventory online, such as Products, Price Books, Vendors, Sales Quotes, Orders, and Invoices with the Sales related modules such as Leads, Accounts & Contacts, and Opportunities.